World War Z Sequel: Brad Pitt Wants This Director to Make It

Pitt wants Gone Girl director David Fincher to helm the zombie sequel.


The last time David Fincher took on a sequel the results weren't exactly spectacular--1992's Alien 3 was a critical failure, and first-time director Fincher's battles with producers over the movie have become infamous. However, Fincher is now one of the highest profile filmmakers in Hollywood, and it has been reported that he is in talks to take on the sequel to 2013's zombie hit World War Z.

As reported by Variety, Fincher has been approached by star and producer Brad Pitt to direct the sequel to the action horror movie. Pitt worked with Fincher on such acclaimed films as Seven, Fight Club, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and is heavily involved with the development of a second World War Z.

The site notes that following initial talks with Fincher, Pitt looked at other filmmakers before returning to the Gone Girl director. While it has yet to be confirmed if Fincher will take the film on, negotiations are apparently "much further down the road," and a financial offer has been made.

While World War Z proved to be a financial success, it was marked by considerable production difficulties. The film ran massively over-budget and behind schedule, and the release was delayed by several months while extensive reshoots took place. Nevertheless, it ultimately made $540 million worldwide, making it the most successful zombie movie of all time.

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