World War III: Black Gold ships

The latest real-time strategy game from the creators of Earth 2150 and The Moon Project will be in stores next week.


World War III: Black Gold

JoWood Productions has announced that its latest real-time strategy game, World War III: Black Gold, is on its way to stores. The game was created by Reality Pump, a developer made up of the creators of Earth 2150 and The Moon Project. Players command one of three factions--the Americans, the Russians, or the Iraqis--in a war over control of the world's dwindling oil supplies.

World War III is built on an updated version of the Earth 2150 engine, and it features deformable terrain, realistic day-night cycles, and a variety of zoomable 3D perspectives. It features three difficulty levels and both single- and multiplayer modes. The goal of the single-player game is to win at least one phase, consisting of 10 independent missions, of the larger war. The game encourages players to focus on immediate tactical goals by not letting them carry units over from one mission to the next.

World War III: Black Gold will be available in stores on October 22 for an approximate retail price of $39.95. For more information, take a look at our 2801579in-depth preview of the game.

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