"World's dumbest game" Goat Simulator gets a Shrek mod, splitscreen mode and new map on the way

Modder creates "Get Shrekt" mod for silly PC game; patch 1.1 will add splitscreen mode, new map, new achievements, and new goats in May.


If you thought the Goat Simulator craze was over, you were wrong. A modder has created an especially hilarious mod that allows you to play not as a new variation of goat, but rather as the beloved animated hero Shrek from DreamWorks' popular film franchise.

Coffee Stain Studios has previously labeled Goat Simulator as the "world's dumbest game," in case that needed repeating. You can download and install the mod via creator [FP] Dafini's Steam Community page. Here's a link the music, too, if you need to hear it again.

In semi more serious news, Coffee Stain Studios has announced that Goat Simulator patch 1.1 will add local splitscreen multiplayer and a new playable map that is said to be roughly the same size as the original map. This patch, which also includes new achievements and goats, will be released sometime in the middle of May.

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