World Record 71-Hour Speedrun Set for Animal Crossing

Twitch streamer becomes the first person to speedrun Animal Crossing at 100%, setting a new world record.


Animal Crossing
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Twitch streamer 0xa101 (Adrian) finished the GameCube version of Animal Crossing in 70 hours, 51 minutes. While the run was anything but speedy, it is the fastest time anyone’s managed to complete the game while following community-set speed run rules.

While many players have finished the game in far less time – one in just 37 minutes – that's only to pay off all debts. What makes this run special is that it’s the first 100% completion. To qualify, players not only have to pay off all debts, but also collect every item in the game, and fill the museum by finding every piece of art as well as every kind of fish, fossil and insect.

According to the rules, the timer for the run can’t be paused. Adrian stopped playing close to the end of her run for an eight hour nap, but aside from that she played for nearly three days straight.

At time of writing, Adrian is the only person listed under the 100% completion tab for Animal Crossing on

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