World Racing 2 E3 2005 Preshow Impressions

We take a quick look at the trailer for this cosmopolitan racing sequel.


World Racing 2 is the sequel to the original World Racing, a game that featured not only an exclusive focus on the Mercedes-Benz line of automobiles, complete with accurate interiors, but also a track roster that included courses that were much longer than your typical arcade racing fare.

Based on the World Racing 2 trailer we saw here at E3, the game has expanded its horizons a bit. This time around there will be a wide variety of makes and models, including at least one Volkswagon Beetle, a Ford Focus-esque model and, yes, even a Mercedes. We didn't see any in-cockpit views in the demo, however, so it's unclear (and unlikely) that the accurate interiors featured in the first game will be on display this time. We also noticed an extremely tricked-out ride spinning around the courses, which points to a degree of customization in the game that should keep things lively.

The cosmopolitan tone of World Racing was in full effect, with courses featuring a number of worldwide settings. One track showed a road weaving in between the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids of Egypt, while another had cars speeding down the kinds of narrow European back alleys straight out of Ronin. The overall depth and detail of the courses made for an impressive sight, with a nice variety of elevation and background splendor. Just how nicely those tracks will drive remains to be seen.

The first World Racing game was probably a bit too ambitious in scope for its own good. World Racing 2 has more makes and models than the first game, so it will be interesting to see if, this time around, its grasp matches its reach. We hope to bring you more information on this game in the near future.

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