World of...Datecraft?

World of Warcraft players find love on Web thanks to new dating site aimed at dungeon crawlers; current male-to-female ratio near 6:1.


Gamers fed up with logging onto normal dating Web sites need no longer worry about having to cater to potential dates' interests such as "long walks on the beach," "candlelit, romantic dinners," and "anything outdoorsy." A new service has launched that caters to people whose turn-ons include "raiding the Blackfathom Deeps for epic gear," "farming the Scarlet Monastery," and "bringing doom to the evil Horde."

World of Datecraft (due to heavy traffic, the site is intermittently offline), an online dating service aimed at the nearly 7 million World of Warcraft players, provides the icebreaker for WOW fans to host their own meet and greets. Members submit profiles with basic info (similar to such as age, gender, location, and an optional photo, as well as descriptions of physical appearance, lifestyle, and professional life.

While such a service seems like an answer to many-a-lonely-PC-gamer's dream, men shouldn't expect to become level 60 lotharios overnight. Currently, there are just more than 700 users, approximately 600 of which are males. (Note: It's probably not a good idea to mention your "burning crusade" when trying to lock down a date.)

As for the site's legitimacy, the owners claim that "thousands of people meet on our site daily and go on to date and start relationships. We've also had hundreds of marriages across many borders." However, the owners offer no proof to back up their claims.

A cursory examination of World of Datecraft yielded somewhat unimpressive results. Only six users were online, only one of which was female. Going by the handle "Jjivani," the female member claimed to be a 26-year-old Canadian aerobics enthusiast whose favorite thing is playing World of Warcraft as a member of the horde.

"I am a fulltime, World of Warcraft-aholic and am looking to find a charming lad that has the same interests as me," said Jjivani in her description. "I find that when I date men, they don't usually understand my passion for the game and want me to stop playing which I hate."

While intriguing, Jjivani's post also raises some alarm bells. For one, she claims she only wants to "meet for casual sex." Secondly, she touts the fact she has a Web cam--a ploy typically used by posters shilling for Internet porn sites.

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This site has been down for ages. Time to post an edit Gamespot.

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This is the reason why I don't touch WoW. Or most other MMOs. After seeing all of the HORRIBLY immature players on Guild Wars (which is actually a really cool game), I decided that I don't need WoW. Nerds wanting to hook up online through an MMO. LOL. Most of them are perverted 12-year-olds or people who play way too much of that game, anyway. What has gaming come to...?

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many people dont believe but there are REALY alot girls that play that game, my Ex Ex guild master was a woman with 2 children or something.... Seriously, i've been playing even with 8years old kids... they sucked :P.. anyway, got a married couple in my guild and etc...

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"male-to-female ratio near 6:1" :lol:

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Lol, stupid idea. And time proved it.

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I'm ashamed to play WoW after reading this :lol:

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Ok, yes... It's a pretty rediculous idea... but so were all internet dating websites when first started. I'm just a casual player (as opposed to "proffesional" player i guess) Who knows, I think it'd be kinda nifty to meet a cute girl that plays wow too. (chances? probably about the same as MTV switching to all rock)

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The same of SmokeWeed652

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Where ass ugly fat guys with acne can meet ass ugly women with acne. A sweet way to alow nerds to find love, or a crime against humanity? Thats a tuffy.

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"nerds have reached an all time low" So true.

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i dont think this will work much but for all you people that call people that like mmorpgs and stuff ... go to japan .... plz....

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THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

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omg! Cmon people this is taking Roleplaying a little to far.

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lmao wow, another "get a life feature"

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~slaps self in face~ Oh brother. NOW I have seen everything. lol. Where do people come up with this.......stuff.

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I would also like to commend sigma on his comment. LOL. Secondly i would like everyone to look below me and tell me what that kid is talking about...isn't that only a +25 instance...come on kid...when u want sarcasm sometimes u have to deal with the fact that EVERYTHING!!! doesn't add up. On to business...come on whoever started this. You better be making money or something off of this b/c its obsurd. If you meet/date/marry someone on Warcraft it better not be the only reason you do so. I would like to advise all WoW players to take a least and hour or two a day outside socializing with people (of the opposite sex if possible (unless ur arrow don't fly straight then do what you will)) and meet some REAL ppl.

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I don't see how people can't just go outside and meet a girl face to face.. and what if she lives half way across the country? I also don't get the "raiding the Blackfathom Deeps for epic gear" comment isn't BFD a 25+ instance?

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I'm a pretty big fan of WoW, I like to socailize with "Guildies" and laugh and talk. I don't think its fair to say it won't work. I mean if two people like WoW, then why the heck not hook up. Although those "6:1 and only 700 members", does sound pretty said. I really have nothing against this idea, and im not going to call people losers, geeks, and nerds just because they enjoy playing a MMORPG and are willing to try this out. I myself will never use it, I perfer "face to face" but i will play WoW. Everyone that said "lol geeks, nerds, and losers" your opinion is just biased. Also theres nothing wrong with internet dating and everyone who said "no one will want to date a gamer or internet dating is for losers who can't get out of the house", i doubt you even have a girlfriend or boyfriend, and you just make fun of people that try this idea because your lonely and feel bad about yourselves. Theirs plenty of guys and girls that like video games, it sounds like a pretty good way for gamers of both genders to meet and find love. I don't want to offend anyone, i'm trying to make you see it through a WoW players perspective. I'm tryed of jocks and gamer haters calling gamers like me a geek or nerd just because I'd rather do a Uldaman run or farm Scarlet Monestary on a friday night instead of going to the movies. This rant is just a way of venting my anger. So please think before your insult people that use this services, heck i found in insulting and i dont even use intertent dating services.

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LOL@ Sigma8's Comment, but seriously, he seems to be right >.>

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"Secondly, she touts the fact she has a Web cam--a ploy typically used by posters shilling for Internet porn sites." The gamespot staff seem to be quite expert on porn site workings.. >.>

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Coming from someone who did meet their significant other on an online game, this is hands down one of the stupidest ideas ever. Sites like this only promote guys who are too afraid to talk to girls they meet face to face and girls who will only use you for attention and then completely forget about you. VERY RARELY does this really hook up a compatible couple. Most successful online to real-life relationships are made by meeting doing something else, i.e. actually in the game.

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Roflcakes, Roflcopters and Lollercoasters! The best thing, is that most of the 'girls' are probably guys anyway.

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I first thought this was a joke!! People can't be serious, this is just too nerdy!! Get a life!!!

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My name is a WoW addict (crowd: "Hi Viper") lol i may not be an addict to the extent that most other ppl are...but i am an addict still. and quitting WoW is like quitting smoking...many ppl try but very few make it. I personally would never use this service (Cuz i wouldn't want my gf askin for gold all the time lol) but i do know alot of ppl that play WoW with thier gf's and even a few married couples that have kids and still play together. This dating service for WoW players may sound insane...cuz it kinda is...but it might just b crazy enuff to work

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This will become a fox reality tv show! you heard it here first on gamespot!

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6:1 ...........................................dude.....................................................really................................. i don't wanna dis anybody but if u wanna meet somebody on like that i understand but geez taking to the step of virtual reality meeting up ..........c'mon really

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Wow, just wow. nerds have reached an all time low.

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who said anything about bar whores? and not every person who goes to a bar is a whore

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Why does this offend everybody so much? I consider getting drunk at bars to be lame and asinine. "Go out and meet some bar whores, that'd be way superior!" None of you has a right to be on a high horse, and you know you would love a chick with the same interests as you. As a matter of fact, I met a really cute bartender here in town, know what the icebreaker was? She was sitting there playing her PSP. Best of both worlds, I suppose... There's really nothing wrong with this, unless you hate WoW already and think people who play it in the first place are losers. Besides, why do you guys care so much? Nerds need lovin', too.

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Sigh what a world.

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I agree with schmiede, If there's someone out there that enjoys playing it as much as someone else then they could enjoy being together because that shows that they have similar likes

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I dunno folks... I think a lot of you should get off your high horses and think about this for a moment. I met my girlfriend through an online dating service two years ago, and now we're getting married in November. Those types of services work because it facilitates the whole process of getting to know someone elses likes and dislikes, and deciding if that person might gel with you. The fact that this Datecraft thing happens to be centered around a video game shouldn't really be seen differently. I've personally never played WoW, but we all know that there are millions of people who do. Yes, some of them have a problem with it, but I can only assume that the majority of the people play it 'cause they enjoy it. Why is everyone calling these people losers? Everyone here on this site obviously has some affinity for video games, so I think it's really hypocritical for y'all to say those things. If these people love WoW, maybe they'll find someone else who loves it just as much... what the h*ll is wrong with that?

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This is amazing, finally....people who don't have enough time to go out in the real world and find the love of their life need not worry anymore. Fantastic. This is simple hilarious.

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Seems that they find new ways to NOT leave their computer >:D

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there is no way a girl seriously looking for someone is going to go to that site...

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You know i can only laugh at this. if your so addicted that you don't want to or can't get out of the house to go have a social life then you need to dump the WoW.

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Ughh yeah... sure..., I prefer to get outta the house a little and meet ppl in the real world.

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I wonder how many well-adjusted, attractive girls would love to date a guy addicted to World of Warcraft. Probably 0.00139%. Good luck boys.

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boring :arrow: chettyharish :arrow: only game addict not girl addict

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Don't be so judgemental...lots of guys would love to have a GF who plays the game. Its interesting to see how ppl relate when looks and sex don't get in the way.

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How many of the females are actually female?

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well, that cool. i know for fact that there is a couple who got married in WOW. they know each other in real life of course, but the guy proposed and got married with his girlfriend in game through the help of his guild and WOW management. it happened in Taiwan. but for those without girlfriend, you should not rely on the internet to help cuz you never know if this person really a "girl"! some people fake their gender in the game.

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lmao imagine the geek conversations Male: I love you. Female: More than your [Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros]?, I don't think so...

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Hmmm...people finding love on World of Warcraft? That is just incredible. Truly Just think, it won't be long before Gamespot publishes a story of a couple getting married in the World of Warcraft. Now that would grab media attention all over the world.

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THAT IS A 50 DKP MINUS!!!!!!!!111

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*chuckles* I've got a friend whose husband is building them his and hers WOW computers so they can play together... how sweeeet.