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World of Warcraft Player Hits Level 100 With Dance Pads as Controllers

It took him five and a half days of in-game time to dance his way to level 100.


World of Warcraft players hitting the level cap isn't big news, but one tenacious player did so by dancing his way to the top.

Twitch user Rudeism livestreamed his final push to level 100 for more than 12 hours. He'd been at it for about a month before that, using Dance Dance Revolution pads the entire time. Rudeism celebrated his success by doing a little dance. You can watch the final moments below at the 7:07:00 mark.

This isn't the first time Rudeism has controlled a game in a unique way. He's highlighted some of his most impressive moments, such as playing Superhot with dance pads, Mirror's Edge with a steering wheel, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with a guitar controller. He even scored an impressive aerial goal in Rocket League with the guitar.

In World of Warcraft news, the game is set to receive another expansion, while a new children's book series based on the MMO will release this November. You can also check out World of Warcraft characters brought to life by a television show on Syfy right here.

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