World of Warcraft Monopoly, Starcraft Risk inbound

Board games based on popular Blizzard franchises due beginning this May at retail; player pieces for Monopoly set put to vote on Facebook.


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Blizzard's World of Warcraft and Starcraft franchises both have new in-game add-ons due out in the future, but the franchises are also growing off the screen. Today, Blizzard announced a new partnership with specialized board game maker USAopoly that will see Monopoly: World of Warcraft and Risk: StarCraft hit retailers beginning this May.

Azeroth comes to the living room this May.
Azeroth comes to the living room this May.

Monopoly: World of Warcraft replaces traditional properties with iconic WOW locations like Twilight Highlands, Grizzly Hills, and the Swamp of Sorrows, and it includes Alliance- and Horde-themed dice

As for the player pieces in Monopoly: World of Warcraft, Blizzard is leaving that decision to fans. Blizzard is currently holding a poll on its Facebook page where fans can vote to decide which items will make it into the game as player pieces.

The options are Chen's Keg, Corehound Pup, Crafting Anvil, Doomhammer, Flight Path Boot, Hearthstone, Mechagnome, Murky, Spellbook, and Treasure Chest. Monopoly: World of Warcraft is due out this May for $40.

As for Risk: Starcraft, the board game has players choose from terran, protoss, or zerg factions and six heroes before taking on other players in the famous strategy game. The game boasts three modes, over 290 pieces, and launches this summer for $50.

World of Warcraft and Starcraft are not the first gaming properties to be adapted into specialized board games. The Metal Gear Solid and Halo franchises have also been spun into Risk board games, and a Nintendo version of Monopoly is also available.

As for World of Warcraft and Starcraft, Blizzard is currently developing expansions for both games in the form of Mists of Pandaria and Heart of the Swarm, respectively. However, Activision revealed last week that it does not expect both to launch before the end of the year.

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