World of Warcraft banking info

Blizzard updates its official World of Warcraft site with information on how the banks of Azeroth will operate.


World of Warcraft

Blizzard has recently updated its official World of Warcraft Web site with information on the role of banks in the game. All of the six major cities in the land of Azeroth will have both Horde banks and Alliance banks, which, rather than looking after players' money, will be used to store bags of items. How many items players can store at a bank will be determined by how much storage space they've purchased for their bags and also by the size of the bags they're using.

Bank storage space in World of Warcraft is protected and cannot be shared with other players. Horde and Alliance banks in the game can be used only by their respective factions, and thanks to an advanced network of secure automated teleportation modules (ATMs), players will be able to withdraw their items from any bank that they have access to.

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