World Of Tanks War Stories Brings Campaigns to Xbox One X And Other Consoles

Tales from the battlefield.

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The latest trailer for World Of Tanks on Xbox One X was one of the videos shown at the Microsoft Xbox Gamescom preview livestream. Aside from upgraded 4K visuals and Xbox Arena tournament play, this new update to World of Tanks will include a new narrative-driven mode, War Stories.

The first wave of these free campaign missions includes two missions, one where you're in the Red Army in the Eastern Front and another as British tanks taking supplies to East Germany. While these modes--some playable solo, some co-op--will surely enhance the players' appreciation for 20th century tank battles, Wargaming is also using this mode to tell new tales by using alternate history. These will be presented as vignettes similar to the campaign stories of Battlefield 1.

This free update will be available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on August 22. An updated version for Xbox One X is due out later this fall.

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