World of Tanks Coming to Xbox One With Cross-Platform Support

Free-to-play tank-battling game arriving on Xbox One this year; see the first screenshots here.

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Free-to-play tank-battling game World of Tanks is coming to Xbox One. Developer Wargaming announced the news Wednesday in a post on its website, also noting that the Xbox 360 edition of the game has now crossed 5 million downloads to date.

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World of Tanks on Xbox One will support cross-platform play, meaning Xbox 360 and Xbox One gamers will play on the same virtual battlefields. Gameplay is the same across console generations, but Wargaming explains that World of Tanks will look better on Xbox One.

In addition, all progress from the Xbox 360 version of World of Tanks--including vehicles, experience, and credits--will carry forward to the Xbox One edition. This is made possible due to the fact that progress is stored and saved to your Xbox Live account.

Wargaming also explains that gamers who want to go back and forth between the Xbox 360 and Xbox One version of the game can do so, and their progress will remain intact.

World of Tanks will be released for Xbox One sometime in 2015. The game is also currently available on PC. Some screenshots of the Xbox One edition are available below.

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