World of Tanks Asia Pacific Season 2 Winners Get $60,000

EL Gaming grabs first place at the World of Tanks Asia Pacific Season 2 finals.


Professional gaming team EL Gaming has claimed first place at the World of Tanks Asia Pacific Season 2 finals which took place this weekend, netting themselves a cool $60,000. The Chinese team emerged victorious over rival Chinese team RefornGaming with a final score of 7-4. EL Gaming will go on to represent the Asia region on the world stage at the finals, after earning enough points over the course of Season 2.

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Running from March 5-6, the event was hosted by Wargaming at Yongsan Esports Stadium in front of a live audience, and was also streamed online. RefornGaming picked up $20,000 in second place but will not be progressing to grand finals in Warsaw, Poland due to an insufficient amount of points earned throughout Season 2. South Korean team Gold Bass, who placed third in the tournament, will be the second team representing the Asia region on the world stage. The top four placements in Season 2 of the Asia Pacific region is as follows:

  1. EL Gaming ($60,000)
  2. RefornGaming ($20,000)
  3. Gold Bass ($8,500)
  4. Horsemen ($4,000)

The grand final event will take place on April 8-9 and sees twelve of the best World of Tanks teams in the world compete for a share of the $300,000 prize pool. Participating teams have fought their way up through the bracket since the launch of Season 2 in November last year, earning a spot via a points-based system. Playing World of Tanks on PC, each team is comprised of seven players.

EL Gaming is no stranger to the world stage, having fought their way to the grand finals, only to lose to CIS team Hellraisers in 2015. GameSpot will be covering the event in Warsaw, so be sure to stay tuned to our World of Tanks gamespace for updates!

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