World In Flames coming to PC

Matrix Games announces that it will develop and publish a PC game based on the popular World War II wargame World In Flames.


World In Flames

Matrix Games and Australian Design Group (ADG) announced that a PC game based on the award-winning World War II wargame World In Flames is currently in development. World In Flames features every unit in every WWII theater of operations, allowing players to play out the entire war in a single unified game system.

"World In Flames stands as a benchmark for large-scale World War II wargames--a system which puts the entire war in the player's control without surrendering detail and historical accuracy," said David Heath, director of operations at Matrix Games. "We're very excited to have the opportunity to bring this classic to computer wargamers around the world."

"We decided some years ago that it was time to bring World In Flames to the computer," added Harry Rowland, managing director of ADG. "Matrix Games has been working with us on an excellent adaptation of Empires In Arms, and we are confident they will do a great job with World In Flames as well."

The PC version of World In Flames will be a faithful adaptation of the latest deluxe version of the game, and it will allow players to battle one another either on a network or via e-mail. Intelligent AI opponents will also be included for solo players. No release date for World In Flames has been announced at this time, but more information on the game will be provided as soon as it becomes available.

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