World in Conflict engulfs PS3

Sierra's PC action strategy title gets another port, expected to arrive alongside once-more-delayed Xbox 360 edition this fall.


In April of 2006, Sierra Entertainment first revealed World in Conflict, a real-time strategy precision game aimed at the PC. That surgical strike looks to be turning into a carpet bombing, as the publisher last year announced plans for an Xbox 360 edition, which was today joined by confirmation of a PlayStation 3 World in Conflict.

In addition to the PS3 announcement, Sierra confirmed another delay in the Xbox 360 edition. Originally set for release last fall and then delayed until "early 2008," the Xbox 360 World in Conflict will launch alongside the PS3 edition this fall in North America.

The wait for the console versions may be made easier by Sierra's promise that the game is being redesigned to take advantage of its new platforms and will see a wealth of new content for both single-player and multiplayer modes. PC gamers needn't be jealous of all that extra conflict, as Sierra will offer it as an add-on for the original release. (Exact details as to how that will happen have yet to be revealed.)

World in Conflict developer Massive Entertainment is collaborating with Sierra's Swordfish Studios on the console versions of the game. For more on what the teams are working from, check out GameSpot's review of the PC original game.

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