World Destruction League: Thunder Tanks Preview

3DO's been blowing much smoke about World Destruction League: Thunder Tanks, its upcoming vehicular-combat game for the PS2. Look inside for our preview, which disseminates all the relevant info.


The 3DO Company is hard at work on World Destruction League: Thunder Tanks, a vehicular combat game for the PS2 which, reportedly, makes good use of the system's abundant resources.

Taking place in a post-apocalyptic earth, World Destruction League: Thunder Tanks allows you to bask in the madness that is televised-tank combat. Taking the role of one of 11 tank/human teams, you're to blast your way through a myriad of historical, post-bomb arenas, including such places as Moscow, Tokyo, and Atlantis. Of which there are 12 in total, the arenas will feature interactive elements, such as designated "damage zones," and are reported to be imbued with a host of animated elements.

Each of the tanks will be feature a unique personality, reflective of its driver, according to 3DO, as well as two unique special attacks. When coupled with the game's two, edgy announcers (one a busty blonde, the other a Stone Cold Steve Austin-esque lunkhead), it's apparent that 3DO is attempting charge WDL with a sensational, spectacular tone, not unlike that of professional wrestling. Given that such a mood lends itself well to anything involving powerful, destructive machines, and scantily clad women, 3DO looks to have a good chance of succeeding.

From a technical standpoint, WDL: Thunder Tanks looks to be on the right track. According to 3DO, the game is built around a powerful engine with impressive graphical capabilities, capable of rendering "better" textures, and "more" color depth. Also utilizing anti-aliasing (the cure for "jaggies") and extensive light-sourcing, the game is reported to boast very impressive effects. The arenas' weather-effects will also have tangible effects on the game play, says 3DO; conditions such as ice, mud, and sand will work to hinder the movement of vehicles.

WDL: Thunder Tanks will feature nine playmodes, including deathmatch and capture-the-flag games, as well as two and four player modes. A number of control schemes will be available, allowing gamers of any capacity to get involved in the madness.

World Destruction League: Thunder Tanks is set for a Fall 2000 release, hopefully alongside the PS2's launch. Stay tuned to GameSpot for more info on the game as it becomes available. Till then, check out some movies and screenshots.

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