Working Designs Responds to Sega

Victor Ireland, prez of Working Designs, offers low-key response to Sega's statement.


Sega responded this week to questions from readers of its web page on what happened with Working Designs at last month's E3 in Atlanta (read the previous story for the excerpt from Sega's web page).

Friday, GameSpot News contacted Victor Ireland, President of Working Designs, and asked him to comment on the matter. What follows is his response.

"I will only comment on two parts, in defense of our company. First, I don't ever recall Gretchen calling me on any occasion. I met her for the first time on the last day of the E3 show. In general, all contact with Sega is with our account manager. Second, the call Sega made to us earlier this week was extremely one-sided, with our award-winning efforts for the Sega being dismissed as 'uninteresting' and 'uncreative.'

"We have the highest respect and regard for Sega of Japan, the parent company of SoA, and do not wish to sully Sega's overall reputation further with a public dissection of our reasons for discontinuing Sega Saturn support after Lunar: Silver Star Story.

"I will say that the response you sent us is riddled with 'spin' and outright inaccuracy. To pick it apart publicly would do nothing more than fan the flames of a situation which has careened out of control.

"I would hope that fans of our company and products would know from our past record that we have never been anything but truthful, candid, and forthcoming in our contact with our customers in person, in writing, and on the Internet. In the interests of making certain we actually do release all announced product for Saturn, we must refuse all further comment on this issue and would hope that SoA is finished as well."

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