Word on Final Fantasy VIII (Yes, Eight)

Informed sources say Square is prepping an announcement about the release of Final Fantasy VIII.


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Gamers had to know that after Parasite Eve was released (well, after Musashiden) in Japan, word on Square's next big RPG would soon follow. Well, hold on to your Active Time Battle Systems, because informed sources tell GameSpot News that Square is indeed preparing to make an announcement concerning the next installment in its epic RPG series, Final Fantasy. An announcement on Final Fantasy VIII is in the works.

A specific date has not yet been finalized, but the source says May 15 could be the day that Square announces details of the game.

GameSpot News contacted Square Tuesday regarding FF8, and we were told that nothing could be confirmed at this time.

It's expected that the announcement in the coming months will be for the Japanese release only, and that US gamers will have to wait to find out specifics sometime later.

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