Woo 'Sage' Kyung Chul announces retirement from SC2

After having been acquired by ROOT Gaming in the early 2013, and was one of the major players brough onboard to help the organisation establish their North American training facility.


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After having taken the plunge and deciding to move to Europe in collaboration with ALT-TAB Gaming, the South Korean protoss became an established presence on Twitch.tv whilst staying in the continent due to streaming an extreme amount of his ladder games. It was only in early 2013 however when Sage became more of a household name after ROOT Gaming acquired the Korean protoss, who consistently contributed to the North American team in their matches in the inaugural season of the Acer Teamstory Challenge.

With this said, his success in individual tournaments has been minor in comparison to his record in team leagues, and told the public today that he would be retiring from the title.

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