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Wonder Woman Goes Insane In New Arc

Nothing is as it seems.


Comic book characters often have convoluted origins. When the character has been around for over 75 years, the history of a character gets adjusted or rewritten. In the case of Wonder Woman, there have been some different takes to her creation and connection to the gods.

With DC Comics' recent Rebirth initiative, the creative focus has shifted to exploring what makes the characters popular and what is the essence of who they are. As the Amazon has sought out the truth of who she is, the revelation was too much to bear.

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Wonder Woman #15 marks the beginning of a new story arc, "The Truth." When Wonder Woman first left her home island of Themyscira, the condition was she would not be able to return. Despite this, she did promise her mother she would. It had seemed as if she did find a way.

Wonder Woman has discovered all the times she's been home over the years, she's never actually been there. It's all been a lie. This knowledge and the possible implications over what her recent visits to the island mean and where she actually might have been has shattered her mind. As seen in the preview above, she's been taken to a hospital to be cared for her while she remains in this state.

Wonder Woman #15 is written by Greg Rucka with art by Liam Sharp and color by Laura Martin. The issue is on sale Wednesday, January 25 in stores and online.

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