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Wonder Woman 84 Poster Gives Diana A New Costume

As 80s as you can get


Warner Bros Entertainment surprised fans today with the confirmation, via Wonder Woman's director Patty Jenkins on Twitter, that the company will be skipping San Diego Comic-Con this year. With no Hall H presence, this means that highly anticipated movies like Wonder Woman 84 and the star-studded Dune reboot will not be featured at the convention at all.

But never fear, Jenkins gave the bad news with a spoonful of sugar by tweeting out a brand-new poster for Wonder Woman 84, featuring an all-new look for Diana in all its technicolor, golden glory. Jenkins also teased that the promotional campaign for WW84 will begin in earnest later this year in December--so don't expect teasers or trailers for a while longer.

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The poster showcases a familiar comic book inspired look for Diana, known officially as the "Gold Armor" from the alternate-reality miniseries, Kingdom Come. It was designed to be a ceremonial armor crafted by Pallas, an Amazonian armorer, for Diana specifically, and imbued with supernatural durability. The comic book version of the armor even included wings which allowed Diana to fly--but they seem to be missing from the live action incarnation. Though, with the poster as highly stylized as it is, it's too soon to say if they've just been swallowed up in the rainbow effects. Given Diana's permanent exile from Themyscria in the live-action universe, it will be interesting to see where the costume ends up coming from and who winds up making it, or if we've got a homecoming for the Amazonian princess on the horizon.

Wonder Woman 84 was recently delayed from November of this year to 2020, making it unlikely that the movie will have any major North American convention presence at all before release. It was, however, briefly featured in last year's WB Comic-Con panel, where fans were treated to a short clip of Diana fighting a mugger in an extremely 80s-flavored shopping mall.

Wonder Woman 84 is set to release on June 5, 2020, and stars Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, Robin Wright, and Pedro Pascal.

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