Wonder Woman 1984 Soars Past $118 Million At Box Office

The latest box office numbers for Wonder Woman 1984 have arrived.


Warner Bros. has announced the second-weekend box office results for Wonder Woman 1984. The Gal Gadot-starring superhero movie made a further $5.5 million in North America over the weekend, which is down 67 percent compared to its first-weekend numbers.

With the $5.5 million, Wonder Woman 1984 has now made $28.5 million in the US and Canada. Deadline, which supplied the numbers, suggested that the big drop-off in ticket sales for the second weekend is partially attributed to people realizing they can stream the movie at home on HBO Max, and spend less to do so compared to buying tickets for a whole family. Deadline also noted that Wonder Woman 1984's B+ CinemaScore rating might have contributed to a bigger downturn in ticket sales than expected.

Box office results are always front-loaded, so a drop-off in ticket sales across the US and Canada was expected to some degree. Many theatres remain closed or scaled down--60% of US theatres are closed, Deadline said--and people may be generally less inclined to visit a cinema even if it is open due to the health crisis. All of this is contributing to some of the lowest box office results ever for major movies in the past year.

Wonder Woman 1984 is also available to stream at home through HBO Max, but Warner Bros. has yet to provide any information on streaming numbers for the film or what impact its release has had on subscriber numbers. Wonder Woman 1984 will leave HBO Max later this month.

Wonder Woman 1984 has now made $118.5 million worldwide. Analysts told Deadline that the Patty Jenkins-directed film may finish with around $40 million in the US and Canada.

Given the strong start for Wonder Woman 1984, amidst the conditions and environment, Warner Bros. is fast-tracking the third entry in the trilogy. Gadot will reprise her starring role, while Jenkins is also slated to return to direct the film.

Wonder Woman 1984 was the first of WB's new films that released simultaneously in theatres and on HBO Max, but it won't be the last--all of WB's film releases in 2021 will screen in theatres and at home. This includes The Batman starring Robert Pattinson and the new Dune film with a gigantic cast of huge names.

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