Wonder Woman 1984 Inspires These Unique Xbox Consoles

Microsoft has teamed up with Warner Bros. for a unique promotion surrounding the upcoming movie.


Microsoft has partnered with Warner Bros. to create multiple special-edition Xbox consoles to help promote the release of Wonder Woman 1984, which just had a big showing at DC Fandome. Microsoft has created three custom Xbox consoles that are inspired by the armor and outfits of the female characters in the film.

The first of these is the Golden Armor Xbox One X console that takes inspiration from Gal Gadot's armor in the movie. It's made of 24-carat gold leaves, and it includes a matching gold Xbox controller. Microsoft is auctioning off this console to help support Together for Her, an initiative that is assisting victims of domestic violence during the coronavirus pandemic.

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The second is the Lasso of Truth console that is inspired by Wonder Woman's famous lasso. It sports an orange design, with the lasso draped across the front. A rainbow version of the Wonder Woman logo is also featured on the console, with the controller design matching it. You can win the Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth console by liking or retweeting a tweet from the Xbox account.

The third one is the Barbara Minerva console, it's inspired by the villain of Wonder Woman 1984, Kristen Wiig's Cheetah. The console features a snakeskin pattern and fake leopard fur, with a matching controller. It sure looks like this would make the console overheat. It's also unclear how the Barbara Minerva console will be given away or sold.

While Wonder Woman 1984 is still a couple months off from hitting theaters on October 2--if that still happens--ideas for a third Wonder Woman movie are already being floated. "There's one more thing I'm craving, which is true to her theme, which is true to everything that she stands for, that I'm like, 'Ooh, there's one more chapter of Wonder Woman that we don't quite get,'" director Patty Jenkins said during a set visit. "'It doesn't quite make sense for this movie. It didn't for the last either.'"

The aforementioned set visit did clue us in on what we can expect from the October movie, and you can read all about the things we learned from GameSpot's visit to the WW84 set.

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