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Wonder Woman 1984 Director Has Ideas For Third Film

With the Wonder Woman sequel scheduled to finally release soon, we're looking to the future.


The long-awaited sequel Wonder Woman 1984 has yet to hit theaters--currently, that's scheduled to happen October 2; check out the new trailer--but series director Patty Jenkins has long had ideas for a third Wonder Woman movie. In fact, Jenkins shared a hint of what those ideas might be during a 2018 interview on the set of Wonder Woman 1984 that we're now able to share.

"I even think where the second movie came from was me as a fan of [Wonder Woman] and as a fan of superhero films, craving what I haven't gotten, which is, I wanted to see Wonder Woman out in the f***ing world, not finding herself," Jenkins said. While the first movie served as Diana Prince's origin story following the hero's big screen DCEU debut in Batman v. Superman, the sequel, 1984, picks the story up decades later, when Wonder Woman has been operating in secret for years.

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"Like, f***ing Wonder Woman!" Jenkins continued. "And so there's one more thing I'm craving, which is true to her theme, which is true to everything that she stands for, that I'm like, 'Ooh, there's one more chapter of Wonder Woman that we don't quite get. It doesn't quite make sense for this movie. It didn't for the last either.'"

We don't have any more clues what that chapter might entail, but we do know that this type of pre-planning is typical for Jenkins as a director. On the set visit, she shared that she was already planning the sequel during production on the first Wonder Woman movie, which came out in 2017.

"This entire story came to me probably midway--not the whole thing, not in great detail--but the shape of this came to me, I'd say, midway through shooting the first movie," Jenkins said, adding that she planned from the beginning for Chris Pine's character, Steve Trevor, to return in 1984. "It was not born from, 'Oh s***, that was so great. We have to get Steve back.' It's actually all of the story is one story that fits hand in hand. It was something that I loved--the two of them together. I think they're super great, and so it is really nice to have them back together."

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Wonder Woman 1984 opens with a flashback to Diana's childhood on Themyscira, where the Amazons are holding an athletic competition like no other. In fact, Jenkins had hoped to fit this sequence in the original movie, but it didn't quite work.

"In the first killed me, because we originally were going to do the Amazon [Games], which is how in the lore historically Diana always got there, and it didn't quite fit in the storyline," the director told us. "This was this great way to say, 'Oh, there's a lesson I really want to learn from the Amazons this time, and what did we miss last time? And how can we see something totally different?'"

The pandemic has upended everything in Hollywood, and the possibility of another Wonder Woman movie is far from certain. Even if it does happen, Jenkins has said more recently that a Wonder Woman trilogy is all she currently has envisioned. But there's no doubt that Patty Jenkins has more ideas that might fit in the hypothetical third Wonder Woman film. Invisible jet, anyone?

Wonder Woman 1984 is currently scheduled to be released October 2.

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