Women Spend More Time and Money on Mobile Games Than Men, Study Finds

New research also finds that women are more loyal to the games they plan than men are.

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Women spend more time and money on mobile games than men, according to a new study. Mobile analytics firm Flurry today published the results of a study that concluded women spend 35 percent more time using gaming apps and make 31 percent more in-app purchases than men.

As part of the same study, Flurry also found that females were "more loyal" to the games they play than men. They found that women had a 42 percent higher seven-day "retention" average than men, meaning women were more likely to continue playing than men.

Flurry said its study was measured on a worldwide basis, but pointed out that the difference in worldwide versus the United States data is not statistically significant.

The company also examined weekly time spent across 19 categories of iOS games to determine which types of games women and men gravitate to. Flurry found that women spend more time on genres like management/simulation, match-three, and endless runners. Men, on the other hand, showed greater interest in the shooter, RPG, and strategy genres.

Flurry's full report is available on its website.

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