Women in Game Development Exhibit Headed to California Museum

Museum of Digital Art and Entertainment's latest exhibit opening this weekend; get the first details here.


Oakland, California's Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment (MADE) has announced its latest exhibit, called "Women in Game Development." The exhibit, which aims to increase awareness of women's contributions to gaming by celebrating their works, will open this coming Sunday, April 12.

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"Since the days of Atari, women have made some of the most influential and important games, despite the perception that only 'men make video games,'" the museum writes on its website.

MADE calls "Women in Gaming" a playable exhibit, in that a range of games worked on by female developers such as Roberta Williams and Amy Hennig, among others, will be available to play.

The full list of women being featured in the exhibit and their games are listed below.

MADE, which was originally funded through a successful $20,000 Kickstarter campaign, is run by volunteers. It is located at 610 16th St. Suite 230, Oakland, CA. For more on the Women in Gaming exhibit and MADE itself, check out the museum's website.

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