Wolverine's Greatest Meme Is Becoming A Collectible Action Figure

Look at this photograph.


Wolverine is the best there is at what he does, and nobody sulks on a bed while caressing a photo frame better than Marvel's most popular Canadian. Collectibles website Mondo is preparing to bring Wolverine's most iconic moment to life as a new sixth-scale figure for Comic-Con, and yes, it comes with its own bed.

Mondo explained to IGN that it "took great pains to capture Wolverine in this rare moment of repose, pining after his crush Jean Grey in a photograph."

For the sake of context, here's the moment that became Wolverine's greatest meme:

And here's what the figure looks like in comparison, which includes a sad Wolverine face, the signature photo frame, and a mutant with regenerative healing powers that can't fix a broken heart.

Mondo Animated Wolverine
Mondo Animated Wolverine

There's also an option to recreate another Wolverine meme with a Thanksgiving turkey leg accessory, in case you want a goofier piece of internet pop culture on your shelf.

Prefer to have some more action with your Wolverine? Mondo's figure also includes angrier head sculpts, clawed hands, and even a set of appendages that mimic Wolverine's splash screen pose from the X-Men animated series opening. The figure will retail for $200 and will be available on the Mondo website from July 23 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET.

This year's San Diego Comic-Con will be a digital event under the name of Comic-Con@Home. It will take place from July 21 - 25 and can be viewed on YouTube. For more on the event, check out its programming schedule and the16 Comic-Con@Home panels that you should watch.

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