Wolfpack Studios being shut down

Ubisoft to pull the plug on Shadowbane developer effective mid-May; MMO game's future uncertain.


A Wolfpack Studios designer's blog report that the developer is set to be closed down was confirmed today by parent company Ubisoft.

"Yes, Ubisoft will be closing its Wolfpack studio on May 15, 2006," a representative of the company told GameSpot News. "The decision to close Wolfpack is part of an overall strategy to concentrate Ubisoft's development in its larger studios where more resources are available."

The representative added that the publisher is looking for relocation opportunities within Ubisoft for all Wolfpack employees.

As for how this will impact Shadowbane, the massively multiplayer online game Wolfpack developed, that's still not entirely clear. Earlier this month, Ubisoft made the game free to play, and the company's representative said it will remain that way until Wolfpack closes in mid-May. As for what happens after that, Ubisoft will be sending more information to customers "as soon as it is available."

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