Wolfenstein Two Pack Includes New Order, Old Blood, And A New Colossus Discount

$30 is a pretty good deal for all of that.

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Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is launching this fall, but if you haven't had a chance to check out the first game yet, Bethesda just announced a great bundle. Wolfenstein: The Two-Pack, as it's called, includes The New Order and its expansion, The Old Blood.

The bundle is coming on August 22, and it'll cost $30. If you buy it, you'll also get a $10 mail-in rebate for The New Colossus. At the moment, it's unclear how this rebate works and if you'll be able to stack it with other deals, such as the Amazon Prime discount on new games.

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In any case, getting two great games and a coupon for a new one all for $30 is a pretty good deal. The New Order came out in 2014 and received an 8/10 from GameSpot; The Old Blood, on the other hand, contains a full story campaign and expands on The New Order's world.

The pack will only be available in North America, and it's coming for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, meanwhile, launches on October 27. We were just recently able to go hands on with an extended demo of the game and came away impressed--check out our full preview here.

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Avatar image for se7en1989

This is hardly a deal....greedy companies.

Avatar image for GinsuVictim

These go on sale for $6.60 ea on Xbox One occasionally.

Avatar image for tiringpillow

@GinsuVictim: True they were on sale for $6.60 a couple of big sales ago but I didn't pick them up. Was actually planning on buying them during the summer Sale but they were only discounted to $10 each. I'll wait until they go to $6.60 again lol

Avatar image for GinsuVictim

@tiringpillow: same here. I failed to purchase them at the lower price, and held off when I saw them at $10 ea (even though they are WELL worth it). If I hadn't have already played The New Order on last gen, I would definitely have bought it for $10.

Avatar image for everson_rm

Ah, i bought both of them for 8,99 (or it was 9,99?) each, a little while ago, on PSN...

Avatar image for muppetbabymastr

@everson_rm: right, this is a rip off. They are continuosly on sale for less and you can get used copies on amazon for 10 bucks.

Avatar image for videogameninja

Great deal for people who are still on the fence about The New Order.


Avatar image for Pyrosa

@videogameninja: Exactly. Do yourselves a favor, folks... Especially all those folks always upset about campaigns -- after the first level (warm-up), these two campaigns are a delight.