Wolfenstein: The New Order GameSpot AU event photo gallery

GameSpot AU hosted a night inviting community members to play Wolfenstein: The New Order before release. Check out the photos from the night!

Photo credit: Dave Cheng.
Photo credit: Dave Cheng.

Several lucky competition winners from the GameSpot Australia community were able to participate in our recent Wolfenstein: The New Order event night.

The chosen community members were the first to play the game in Australia. Participants had a chance to win some cool prizes, with one winner walking away with copy of Wolfenstein: The New Order Panzerhund Edition. In addition, all attendees received a Wolfenstein: The New Order prize pack that included t-shirt, notebook, prints, messenger bag, and a PS4 copy of the game at launch.

Participants had the following to say about the game after the hands-on session:


"The shooting feels really good."


"The levels are pretty open. There's a few ways you can approach everything."


"The game itself is fun. Graphically, it looks good."


"You feel the weight and impact of the weapon feedback. It's very satisfying."


"It's such an adrenaline rush. It's just non-stop action."

Thanks to everyone who participated! Check out our photo gallery of the event below.

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