Wolfenstein 3D pulled from App Store due to swastikas

John Carmack says Swiss and Austrian iOS storefronts no longer offer original id Software first-person shooter because of offensive symbolism.


While Apple allows a staggering number of programs to be sold through the iOS App Store, its iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices still can't be considered open platforms. A reminder of that came yesterday as John Carmack posted on Twitter that Wolfenstein 3D Classic had been pulled from the App Store in certain countries.

This screen from the iOS Wolfenstein shows some of the offending symbols.
This screen from the iOS Wolfenstein shows some of the offending symbols.

"The iOS App Stores in Switzerland and Austria just lost Wolfenstein Classic due to the offensive swastikas," Carmack wrote, following the post up with a frowning emoticon. Like the PC original, Wolfenstein 3D Classic is a first-person shooter that has players rampaging through a Nazi stronghold decorated with an abundance of swastikas.

This is neither the first time Wolfenstein 3D's imagery has caused problems for the game, nor the first time Apple has rejected a game from its store. The 1994 Super Nintendo port of Wolfenstein 3D was altered to cut some potentially offensive content, with guard dogs replaced with sewer rats and all swastikas removed. As for other games, earlier this year Apple refused to allow PopCap Games' Unpleasant Horse on the App Store, citing "mature content."

Wolfenstein 3D Classic remains available in the US App Store for $2.

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