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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - How To Change Your Character's Appearance

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Part of the appeal of any role-playing game is creating a character that you connect with, as you're likely to be spending a lot of time with them throughout your lengthy journey. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has a fairly robust character creation system that should meet the needs of most players, but if you decide you'd like to change things up, you'll have the opportunity to do so. Here's how to change your character's appearance in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

How to change your character's appearance in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

You can change your character's appearance at any time by speaking to Zuo Ci at the Hidden Village, but you won't unlock this location until you've made a bit of progress in the game. Zuo Ci won't be available on your first visit, either, but he'll soon be available once you've completed a few more missions.

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Once unlocked, Zuo Ci can be found in the house on the main platform of the Hidden Village (where you spawn). Select "Character Creation" from the list of options he provides you to gain access to all of the same features you were able to use when originally creating your character. While you're there, you can also respec your character's attributes.

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