Wizards & Warriors Screens

GameSpot has new images from Activision's classic-style 3D RPG.


Wizards & Warriors

Activision has sent over some screenshots of the upcoming role-playing game, Wizards and Warriors. The images show off a number of the ferocious creatures you'll encounter in the game, including a three-headed hydra and giant sand crawler.

Wizards and Warriors will feature a deep single-player campaign, with about 120 hours of gameplay. The game's plot sets you on a quest to find the Maven Sword, the only item that can defeat the evil and immortal pharoah Cet. While visually the game showcases a modern 3D engine, the party-based first-person gameplay hearkens back to classic genre traditions. The ten races of the game are divided into five familiar humanoid races, such as humans and elves, and five bestial races, like lizardmen and tiger-warriors. Wizards and Warriors is scheduled for release this fall.

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