Wizards & Warriors Gold

Activision announces the completion of the high-fantasy RPG by Wizardry's creator, D.W. Bradley.


Wizards & Warriors

Activision let GameSpot know this afternoon that Wizards & Warriors has officially gone gold. Wizards & Warriors is a first-person role-playing game designed for over 200 hours of play. Players will venture into the realm of Gael Serran, which is threatened by the evil Pharaoh who can only be defeated by the legendary Mavin sword. The game has gone through an extended development cycle in the hands of D.W. Bradley, the creator of the classic RPG series Wizardry. Though it uses a fully 3D engine, the look and style of the game will be familiar to players of the Wizardry and Might and Magic games.

Wizards & Warriors will ship later this month. For more information, read our preview of the game.

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