Wizardry announced for the PlayStation 2

Atlus announces its dungeon-RPG for Sony's next-generation console.


Atlus has released the first details on Wizardry for the Sony PlayStation 2. Specific gameplay information is scarce at this time, but according to Atlus, the game will include a battle system that lets players fight up to a dozen enemies at one time and use group attack techniques through the use of the allied battle system. Atlus further promises that there will be a large number of side quests to find treasure and items.

The story of Wizardry takes place in the kingdom of Doohan. On one catastrophic day, a mammoth orb of light descends on Doohan and kills everything in its path. Compounding the problem, the queen of Doohan has disappeared in the labyrinth beneath the castle. Her court, concerned for her safety, asks the surviving citizens to search for the queen. This is where the game begins--players must find the queen and destroy the evil that has ravaged the people and land of Doohan.

Racdym is developing Wizardry for the PlayStation 2. The company is responsible for the Snowboard Kids series on the N64 and Critical Blow on the PlayStation.

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