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Wizard With A Gun Deluxe Edition Comes With Collectibles, Preorders Live At Amazon

The physical edition of Devolver Digital's next game arrives on December 1, not too long after Wizard with a Gun's digital launch on October 17.


October has a number of big-budget games vying for your attention, but if you arachnid-themed heroes, Twin Peaks-style horror, or Elephant Mario don't interest you, why not try a magical adventure that's packing some heat? Wizard with a Gun is the game that fits that particular bill, and while it'll be available first as a digital-only game on October 17, you won't have to wait too long for its physical release.

Preorders are now live at Amazon for Wizard with a Gun's standard and Deluxe physical editions for PS5. The physical edition, both the standard and Deluxe, release on December 1. As Wizard with a Gun is an indie, expect the print run to be smaller than the average blockbuster. It's possible physical copies, particularly the Deluxe edition, could sell out before launch.

There are some nice extras in the Deluxe edition of Wizard with a Gun, as it comes packaged with a 104-page art book, a soundtrack voucher, and a nice slipcase cover.

Wizard with a Gun: Deluxe Edition
Wizard with a Gun: Deluxe Edition

Published by Devolver Digital and inspired by the meme of Gandalf the Grey armed with an AK-47, Wizard with a Gun is developed by Some Distant Memory studio Galvanic Games. As the titular wizard who's armed and dangerous, you'll find yourself exploring the Shatter, a realm that has been twisted by chaotic forces. Survival isn't easy, but if you're hellbent on escaping a grim fate, you can collect resources, build a tower, equip some handy gadgets, and show the forces of chaos that you're not to be trifled with.

The game also allows for magical weapon customization in which you can craft unique enchanted ammunition for your arsenal of guns, has randomly generated biomes that you can turn into shooting ranges, co-op multiplayer, and powerful magic combos that can turn you into an arcane force of nature. If you want a preview of what Wizard with a Gun has to offer before its digital release on October 17, a single-player demo is available on PC via Steam.

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