Without Patch Notes, Fortnite Players Are Discovering Season 5's Small Changes

Epic has added some requested features alongside the new season.


Fortnite's new season brought a ton of big changes to the battle royale with the addition of a new bounty system, a Mandalorian skin, and new game mechanics. It also brought a number smaller changes that players have been sifting through. Epic Games doesn't include patch notes anymore, so players have to find out about most changes themselves.

"I love that we are finally getting lore for a lot of the skins like Burger Boss and Bunker Jonesy," said Redditor JackBoyEditor about how NPCs interactions with players change depending on what skin they're wearing. "Somebody has to go around wearing one of The Seven to see their reactions."

One of Fortnite's NPCs
One of Fortnite's NPCs

Season 5 introduced a bounty system where players can start missions given to them by one of 40 different NPCs scattered across the map. Some NPCs will have special dialogue if they interact with players using specific character skins. Kit, for example, will purr if you talk to him while wearing the Meowscles skin.

NPCs are surprisingly interactive, too. You can choose to fight (and kill them) for their materials if you wish, although you won't be able to talk to them if you do. They're also selective about who they fight--if another player attacks them while you're talking to them they won't hurt you. They'll only attack the other player.

The new season also brought a number of quality-of-life changes that players have been requesting. You can now set up to 50 skin presets, up from the previous limit of 10. The lack of presets had become a problem for many players in Season 4, as there were more than 10 Marvel characters to unlock or purchase. That's not to mention the hundreds of other skins that have been released over the three years that Fortnite has been out.

"The only thing we need now is a “apply to all presets” button and this feature will be perfect," said Redditor ISimpForRook.

There are some familiar features that have returned with Season 5. The battle pass features another set of foil styles for skins that players can unlock by progressing to level 250. Players grew tired of Season 4's extended grind, but players may not care enough to go beyond level 100 in this battle pass. Some players aren't fond of how the additional styles are designed.

"So tier 100 it is," said Redditor Jester0745. "These look like poop." Players were driven to unlock Season 4's skins due to how much they loved the Marvel characters the additional styles applied to.

Every new update brings a number of minor and major changes to the battle royale and that's especially true for a new season. Players will be digging in to all the new mechanics and items as Season 5 rolls on.

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