With Project Scorpio Coming, Microsoft Assures That Xbox One Will Be Supported For Long Time To Come

Xbox One and Xbox One S owners can expect support "for many years."


2017 is a big year for Xbox hardware, as Microsoft will release the mega-powerful Project Scorpio console during the holiday period. Now, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has assured fans that Microsoft will continue to support Xbox One and Xbox One S for a long time to come.

Someone on Twitter said they read somewhere that Scorpio will make Xbox One obsolete. That is absolutely not going to be the case, Spencer assures.

Scorpio plays Xbox One and Xbox One games, and it also supports peripherals for those systems. Scorpio is intended to be a higher-end option that complements Xbox One. This is basically the same setup as the relationship between PS4 and PS4 Pro.

In other news, Spencer recently said fans may want to wait to preorder the console until they see games running for it. Spencer said he played games for the first time on Scorpio and said they "played great." Overall, development on Scorpio is coming along great, Spencer said.

In other news, a developer recently said that Scorpio is a "full blown next-gen machine," compared to the "half-assed" PS4 Pro.

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