With Nioh 2's Release A Month Away, Nioh Passes A Sales Milestone

Nioh 2 launches on March 13 for PS4.


Nioh, the samurai Soulslike from Koei Tecmo, has sold three million units worldwide since its launch on February 7, 2017.

Nioh was originally a PlayStation 4 exclusive until launching on PC in November 2017. Between both platforms, and encompassing copies shipped to stores and those sold directly through digital sales, Nioh has now sold three million copies around the world. Not a bad way to celebrate the game's third birthday.

The milestone also comes a few weeks before Nioh 2 launches on March 13 for PlayStation 4 (with a PC release expected later this year). We recently had some hands-on time with Team Ninja's prequel and discovered a game that's sharper and more focused than ever. Just like the original, Nioh 2 is firmly rooted in the Soulslike dynamic of facing nerve-wracking challenges and overcoming powerful foes, but it also expands on your arsenal with the addition of new Yokai powers.

"When we worked on Nioh 1, we initially struggled with the concept and the world, but we ended up having a good foundation," said Team Ninja producer Fumihiko Yasuda. "So after it was finished, it was just a matter of evolving it to the next level. So with Nioh 2, we added more variety in the levels and the character's story; everything is expanded. Because it's an action game, it tends to be, especially in the first one, repetitive due to the lack of enemy variety as well. So based on the player feedback, we made sure to have more variety in enemies and interesting gameplay and story in the second one."

Yasuda also confirmed how long it will take you to finish Nioh 2, and we've got you covered with an extensive pre-order guide if you're looking to secure a copy ahead of release.

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