With New Movie Coming, A Pirates Of The Caribbean Mobile Game Is On The Way

Tides of War is on the way for Android and iOS.


A a new video game inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise is on the way from Korean developer Joycity. Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War is described as an MMO that also has strategy elements.

It features characters, ships, and storylines that are based on those from the Disney film series. Some of the confirmed characters include the most famous ones: Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Captain Barbossa, and Elizabeth Swann.

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You play as a pirate and can build a ship and train people to fight with you. Additionally, you can work together with other players to battle monsters in the high seas or square off against other human players in battles.

"We're confident that this mobile game will align with the quality and high entertainment value that fans have come to expect from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise," Joycity COO Hanseo Jo said in a statement.

You can pre-register for Tides of War right now. People who do that on Android will receive a gift of 2,000 Gold when they reach a certain level in the game.

Joycity did not announce a business model for Tides of War.

The game comes as the Pirates of the Caribbean film series is set to return for the first time in years with this May's Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

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