With Neo Coming, PS4 Continues to "Push the Boundaries," Exec Says

"With innovation continuing to peak in and around the PlayStation ecosystem, we continue to invest in growth initiatives."


All eyes will be on Sony next week when it holds a briefing in New York City where it's widely expected to officially announce the PlayStation Neo and maybe more. But today at the IFA 2016 show, Sony CEO Kaz Hirai shared some new insight and commentary around the best-selling PlayStation 4.

According to DualShockers, he told the audience that PS4 "continues to push the boundaries" while at the same time "reaching new heights in innovation and entertainment." The executive mentioned that the entire PlayStation ecosystem, including hardware, games, and network services, has been "widely acclaimed" by consumers and the industry overall.

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Hirai reiterated that, as of May 2016, Sony has sold more than 40 million PS4 consoles. The system continues to be in the "historic position" of being the fastest-selling PlayStation system ever. It still has a lot of work to do to catch the PlayStation 2, which has sold more than 150 million units.

"With innovation continuing to peak in and around the PlayStation ecosystem, we continue to invest in growth initiatives," Hirai added.

One example of a "growth initiative" for PlayStation is the virtual reality PlayStation VR device. Hirai said this "takes PS4 to an unprecedented level of immersion." It launches on October 13, priced at $400.

"Virtual reality launches us into a new realm that promises limitless possibilities starting with games, but expanding soon across our entire Sony group," the executive added. "VR will enable us to leverage our technological strength in areas such as digital imaging, content creation, and production. So Sony is well positioned to set the trends in how, where and when you access content today, and also in the future."

Hirai went on to say that Sony has its "finger on the pulse" for what more it can do in the VR space to "develop VR as an entirely new creative and business opportunity across Sony."

Sony said in May that it expects to sell 60 million PS4 consoles by April 2017. Microsoft's Xbox One outsold the PS4 in the US during July, and Microsoft is optimistic about August, too.

The PlayStation news event next week is scheduled for Wednesday, September 7. The briefing starts at 3 PM ET, live from the PlayStation Theater in New York City. GameSpot will have all the news from the show as it's announced. We're expecting the formal unveiling of the PlayStation Neo and the confirmation of the slimmed-down PS4--and there is always the chance for surprises.

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