With Destiny Selling Emotes, PS4/PC Shooter Warframe Adds Them for Free

You don't need money to express yourself.


Developer Digital Extremes has decided to add four emotes to its third-person shooter, Warframe, for free. This announcement comes just two days after Bungie revealed that it was selling a pack of three emotes and some in-game items for $20 for its shooter, Destiny.

Warframe, the free-to-play shooter that initially launched on PC in 2012 and later for PlayStation 4, is getting several new ways for players to express themselves. Players now will be able to shrug and clap, adding a new layer to interactions in-game. They will also be able to do two moves that look like martial arts stances, the Eclipse Narta and the Fathom Narta.

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This announcement follows Bungie's announcement that three emotes, some shaders, and three class items would be sold in a $20 pack. Developer Bungie first stated that several emotes and other in-game items would be exclusive to people who buy the Collector's Edition of Destiny's upcoming expansion, The Taken King. This edition comes bundled with the base game and the first two expansions as well as the new content. Following backlash, Bungie stated that it would be making the several Collector's Edition items available for a separate purchase.

Warframe's new emotes also seem to be the second response to controversy surrounding Destiny this week. Earlier, Dying Light developer Techland posted an advertisement for an in-game promotion on Twitter which teased Destiny's new Red Bull-exclusive mission.

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