With Connor Gone, Where Could Assassin's Creed Go Next?

Martin picks out the places he wants to travel to in the next Assassin's Creed.


As Assassin's Creed III ended, Connor's storyline felt like it had come to a fairly natural close. But Ratonhnhaké:ton's time as the series' main protagonist seems to have passed: Ubisoft confirmed yesterday that the next Assassin's Creed would feature a new hero and a new setting.

This is an important announcement on Ubisoft's part. The next Assassin's Creed marks a rare opportunity, and with both Connor and present-day conduit Desmond presumably taking a rest for while, the series now has the biggest opportunity for a blank slate and a fresh start since the first game launched in 2007. And with a new batch of consoles on the horizon, it seems particularly fitting for Ubisoft to transition into the next generation (perhaps literally, considering the series' genealogy-obsessed narrative) of Assassin's Creed.

A new beginning would also give the series a chance to refocus its core mechanics. Assassin's Creed III was a complicated, conflicted game--its final chase sequence was honestly one of the worst things I played in the whole of 2012, but I still ended up quite admiring much of the ambition in the overall game. There's clearly a lot of potential across the multiple studios developing the game, and a fresh take could allow that talent to be laser-focused.

But while Ubisoft's "new setting" doesn't exactly help narrow down the entirety of history--and I'd also say it's unlikely Ubisoft would want to abandon all the time and money it poured into making 18th century America--there's a few places I'd really like to see the series head.

Victorian London

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You can't write anything about a new Assassin's Creed setting without mentioning London. It's the law. Though in the interests of full disclosure, I am English, and over here we like to think we're still living in the nineteenth century anyway. ACIII briefly dipped its toes into London in its opening, but imagine the possibilities of an Assassin's Creed set in the dark, smog-laden city in the full throes of the Industrial Revolution. It would be like Dickens, but with more even pocket watches, big hats, crossbows, and Templars.

Paris in World War I

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Taking Assassin's Creed to Paris could mark as a homecoming of sorts for French publisher Ubisoft. France was a key location in World War I, with the Battle of the Marne in 1914 establishing the Western Front across Belgium and north-eastern France. This would allow for Ubisoft to develop a few show-piece scenes of trench warfare, similar in sorts to the epic musket battles of ACII. The politics behind the war would likely allow Ubisoft to elegantly weave in the Templars and Assassins, and Paris' artistic spirit and gorgeous architecture would bring a vibrancy to the series.

India under the British Raj

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The British Raj, which ruled over India from 1858 to 1947, was the engine of The British Empire and also a politically complex period in a geographical area of extreme beauty. Imagine an Assassin's Creed in Calcutta, or replacing Assassin's Creed III's Frontier with India's jungles and wildlife. Themes of capitalism, corporation, and oppression would work well with the Templars, and the game could even head back a little further and overlap with Assassin's Creed III, showing The East India Company appealing to British parliament to pass the Tea Act of 1773 as a way of offsetting the company's severe financial woes, an event which would serve as one of major moments leading up to the American Revolution.

Ocean piracy in South Carolina

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With sailing the high seas one of the most celebrated (and enjoyable) new additions in Assassin's Creed III, there's a certain sense of logic for Ubisoft to continue down this path. And what better way than with the most famous pirate of them all, Blackbeard, in an adventure that features his famous blockading of Charleston in 1718? Or a game that spans multiple decades and could bring in Jean Lafitte and the War of 1812, which should at least let Ubisoft reuse those redcoat models. To make the piracy angle even more tempting, one Reddit poster claims to have spotted a marketing presentation for an Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flags.

Feudal Japan

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Assassin's Creed: Embers, the disappointing short film made by Ubisoft to end Ezio's storyline, spoke of the Assassin order in China during the Ming Dynasty. Shrouding Assassin's Creed in the exoticism of a historical Eastern country would likely appeal to many, with Japan's Sengoku period of particular interest to me. This era of Japanese history was laced with political intrigue and constant conflict as the country attempted to remain separate from the rest of the world while establishing unification across Japan's various clans, all of which would serve Assassin's Creed well.

Any of those five settings would be absolutely fantastic, if you ask me. Elsewhere in the GameSpot office there's a suggestion from Cam for Ubisoft to tackle the War of Scottish Independence (think Braveheart) and Mark would like to see what happens when you set the Animus for 65 million years BC. But what about you? Where do you think Ubisoft will take the next Assassin's Creed? And are you ready to unwrap another wristblade for Christmas this year, or do you think it might be time for the series to take a rest?


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Looks like you guys got it right!

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NEXT ASSASSIN: GAVRILO PRINCIP---> Killing Austro-Hungarian emperor and trigering ww1...

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How bout the old west? I know there's already Red Dead Redemption, but an assassin in the old wast would be awesome.

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Early Modern England

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The next Assasins Creed takes place in . . . . . . . . . . . WW2 Germany. Take up the story from there.

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fucking retards putting spoiler in the main page... omg...

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Assassins creed indian generations. but bring a son in like desmond has a son or some sh!t that nobody knows he had a son.. no guilds no other asassins just desmonds son Frost or will or choose the name you want idk just make it the sh!t

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INdian assassins must be there in the next storyline as Assassins were 1st developed in India & we many story of Indian history of Assassins

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I could see them doing the American Revolution. First though, AC needs to bring back the guilds like they had in AC2, they need to make it more like an assassin and less like a hero, so having the contracts again like when you had to go to someone and get your contract. Freedom for assassinations and less scripted type kills and path would also make the game way better. Also having more side missions like the crazy church climbs (in 2 i think) where you had to find the secret room which eventually led you to Altiars Armor. And armor. What happened to it? I think they are also running out of time, cause eventually they are going to end up with a Splinter Cell type games if they go to far with the development of guns. Love the series though. I agree their needs to be larger cities with and expansion of the roof top running. as well as more ability to travel. to make a truly extraordinary game, i think they need to spend 2 years minimum on just that AC game, though they won't cause it isn't economically smart. For a good game they need to have time to create a huge open world expanse with large cities and a great story. I feel like AC Revelations, and AC 3 both had aspects of these, but not all of them. There is a lot to fix, and with the change in warfare happening past the American Revolution, i doubt we will see a comeback of armor and the idea of sword warfare, and end up with a splinter cell like game which would be just be disappointing. Either they got to make a story where we go back in time and possibly build a parallel story line of relatives (due to Ubisoft's obsession with genealogy) or something (I can see this being a very hard story line to create, but could help take the game back to it's previous glory), or ending it with this next game and keep it in a time period where sword warfare is still used to some effect. I think WWI would be a bad idea, cause it was mostly fought in the trenches which was basically only guns, so the American Civil War/Napoleonic Revolution time era is about when they would have to stop.

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why not where the black people was hunted like in Django haha

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Why would you want a game set in WW1 or WW2? Have you not had enough with Medal of Honor and all these other war titles already out?

Ubisoft said they wouldn't do the World Wars or Feudal Japan, anyway. So sink those dreams now, haha.

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Japan, so it will be explaned where the assassin's creed skill are coming from.. NINJAS !

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Should endassassin3!Lacking all themajor battles(and great warriors) betweenNative Americansand Europeans (pale faces).... maybedoes not want totalk!

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I just want to have ship battles again and this time you can modify your ship

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Yea yea Ac Serbia AC Greece.Are you crazy.Then i have idea for AC4-Bulgaria.The Turks atacked Bulgaria. The battle of Veliko Tarnovo,the battle of Sofia.Great battels. Bat ubisoft are not more interested in Eastern Europe.So those ideas will not be used

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@darspore123 Tolkova pyti sum go mislil tva

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@darspore123 Yeah...God idea.

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Yea yea AC Serbia AC Greece.Are you mad. Ihave an idea to for AC4-Bulgaria.The Turks atacked Bulgaria.Great battles in Veliko Turnovo and Sofia.But these ideas that we give will be not used.Ubisoft is no more interested in Eastern Europe after AC Revelations

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I have an idea for ac4: SERBIA. i mean,lots of u didn t even heard for tht country,but it has a story,u know,cause Turks atacked Serbia and thare was the Battle of Kosovo.something like that,but the story would be good and there were also something like assassins,rebelians (hajduci in serbian) and they were aslo killing turks....so think about it!!!!!

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Assassin's creed is bullshit now. I hate this, popular video games have no end now. I bought the 3rd one because it promised me an ending. All it did was kill off Desmond so that now someone else must save the world or some shit.

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@mirage_so3 I know, the ending was like Ubisoft taking a dump on their hands and smearing it all onto a 2 disc game. I was utterly disappointed with the ending, I felt cheated, but no more cheated than having to buy a fucking Season Pass for the game so I can get this Tyranny of King Washington bullshit. It better be worth the money. Otherwise, no AC 4 until I see reviews first. Ezio really died from Connor taking over the franchise. He just said "done!" like Peter Griffin did when he saw Failure To Launch. lol. Though Connor does have a unique fighting style I like but it feels too much like it was a hustle in the form of trying to be that crazy mofo Mel Gibson in The Patriot hacking the shit outta Redcoats.

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@mirage_so3 I agree with you upto a certain point. I don't want Assassin's Creed to end its one of the best games ever and very unique. So unique that Hitman which was introduced way way before Assassin's Creed, started copying bits and pieces such as eagle vision. They don't call it that in the Hitman game they just changed it to Instinct.

If Desmond story ended, then I agree it is a shit ending. Unless they can bring him back and tie the Connor story to the original ones like Altair and Ezio. Those are my thoughts bit worthless going onto a new story and new hero really.

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It would be a great idea to consider the era right where the AC 3 left the franchise...After the american freemasonic revolution there was the GREEK freemasonic revolution , a country which was under the turkish domination for about 400 years after the fall of Constantinople in 1453 as we saw in AC Revelations. It is a great time period to host the new AC game, with all the traditional costumes , the thieves on the mountains, the old weapons, the hidden schools...This era has a LOT to offer !!! Do a bit of studying and you will see...So far it would be the best idea, following ACR and AC3....Greek Revolution for independence for the next AC game!!!

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Definitely not the 1st war, because I think an AC game at WWII would be very exciting, fighting the Nazis as Templars, and a game at WWI would spoil this oportunity, two war games would be tiresome. A I'd like to know about the rumors of a game in Brazil, there's some good history to be explored there too!

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Embers, was not disappointing! I loved that short movie.

I do not want to see any world war 1 or 2!! I do not want do see London either.

I would like to see either japan or china or even Mexico!

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modern times.......return to its stealthy roots.....and cover system (obviously it feels idiotic not to have it), return of grabbing and dodge abilities

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masyaf or roma just like ezio & altair

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Feudal Japan would be nice.Also Russian Empire isa good time period.French Revolution also.

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AC TEAM please do not end connor story. You really need to tie him up with Altair, Ezio and Desmond so we know why AC3 came out and why we played it. If you bring in a new character then everyone will wonder then why did we play AC3 what ws the connection? please don't go down hill you need to make next games more interesting. I really like AC games but dont jump form one hero to another all a sudden. Show why connor was introduced and what happens. what the purpose is and how he die. then move onto another hero. That is my opinion and I dunno how many people will agree.

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@Darkimodo Connor just had a small role to play, that's it. Wouldn't it be better if the game is in different context, like Japan/China/India. I don't see how they'd possibly make Connor and interesting character, that ship has sailed.

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@sujayshinoda @Darkimodo Possibly, but still I feel like Connor story wasn't connected. Unless they can tie it all up with AC4 then that would be a whole different situation. But like I said many people might disagree with me this is only my own personal opinion

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India or Japan, do it.

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deffinately china that would be a nice step as they have a rich history. But im not quite happy with connor leaving. I really liked his story should of tried connecting him with Altair and Ezio it will just feel like we played a different game not knowing the relation of connor to altair, ezio and desmond

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set the Animus for 65 million years BC

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@stanlee321 Stone Knives and Spears?
hahahahaha :-D

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In the 'Ones who came before' era..... or Australia! :D just because nothings ever set in Australia D:

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@nylex7 yea thats what i commented aswell, the ones before us era would be great!

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I think (and want) the next assassins creed will be in Grece win Turkey war in 1821. The assassin to be a Greek.

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Wouldn't a better headline be: "With Desmond gone, where could Assassin's Creed go next?"? Ubisoft really f**ked it up with the end of AC3... I REALLY hope they had a good reson for that. But one thing is for shure: the next AC will not get preordered untill i know how they will treat Desmonds death.

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@Xendo94 but i don't know if i over analysed but when Juno walked over his body she said you're part isn't done yet. I don't know if i'm looking for a little reason to keep him alive but aswell i don't reckon he's dead. idk im'a little confused man haha

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The Bakumatsu era in Japan would be amazing. Fighting against the Shogunate and the Shinsengumi would be amazing. Have influential figures from this era such as Kondo Isami, Hijikata Toshizo and Omura Masujiro and the main character could be good friends with Sakamoto Ryoma (Could be either American or half Japanese/half American). Also include the American influence, including Commodore Perry and Townsend Harris. I would assume they would keep the Shogunate and Meiji forces as grey, where neither one is good or bad. Where the main character would not have a side in the battle and overall theme would be the Templar vs Assassins battle.

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How about u make one where the Engllish are the good guys?????

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I think the Japan angle would be pretty cool!

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how about French 1804 to 1815 and you assassinant napoleon bonaparte

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WW1 is one of the places I would like to see, also the French Revolution would be good, it would also tie in with AC3 because the French dude you help out was there to "learn" about how revolution works so he can take it home.

But what I REALLY would like to see Ubisoft do is a Sea based game, using the same engine as AC3's Sea missions and the same controls etc! It wouldn't have to be (I think it would be better if its not) an AC game, a pirate theme would ofc be best... maby some land too, but mainly set on the sea.

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New Assassin should be Egyptian against bad pharaoh or may be in middle asia works with Turks against China

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i hope that Assassin's Creed 4's setting will be in Ocean piracy in South Carolina in the caribbean seas and specially between pirates' life . I like the pirates of the caribbean movies all of them!