With Cold War Content Coming, CoD: Warzone Bugs Continue Impacting The Game

When ever a new patch comes out, something breaks.


It was the final Call of Duty: Warzone circle and Redditor otbdotcom and his teammate were the only ones breathing clean air on the map. Every other corner of Verdansk was covered in deadly gas, but another player was still alive.

A few seconds passed and the gas closed in and killed both otbdotcom and their partner, giving the win to the hidden player. They were hiding in the train station using what Warzone players call the "stim glitch," where they use an item that refills their health an infinite amount of times until they win the game.

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Call of Duty: Warzone's Stim.
Call of Duty: Warzone's Stim.

"I'd tell you to report these players but it's not gonna change anything," otbdotcom wrote. "I found these two on the Call of Duty app and they won 3 games tonight with 0 kills...pathetic."

The specific scenario above should no longer be happening, as Infinity Ward fixed this issue in early October. But it's just one example of a game-breaking bug that came after one of the studio's updates.

Another glitch involving bounties, the contracts that send you to kill another player, was fixed earlier in October as well. The bounties themselves were forcing players to disconnect, so Infinity Ward removed them altogether. A week before that, the studio had to remove all vehicles from Warzone for the same reason. The Haunting of Verdansk update added bugs of its own--including one that lets players mark enemies, even if they hide inside.

Warzone's gun glitch that obstructs the camera.
Warzone's gun glitch that obstructs the camera.

Battle royales are tricky to develop--especially with how much content players expect due to the standard set by Fortnite. They have far more elements than other multiplayer games that have fewer players and smaller maps. A new change to Verdansk could cause an issue elsewhere in the game. Fortnite players run into strange bugs as well, but they're usually less game-changing. A recent update caused all cars on the map to bounce back-and-forth, for example.

Call of Duty: Warzone has over 75 million downloads, applying a lot of pressure to the development team. Infinity Ward, which co-develop Warzone with Raven Software, has previously said that dealing with cheating, a big part of which is dishonest players taking advantage of glitches, is an "arms race." They need to rush to fix issues as more pop up.

Call of Duty: Warzone is merging with Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War in December, a month after the latest entry in the FPS franchises launches on November 13. That means new weapons, operators, and perks will come to Warzone. For a game already dealing with fairly frequent glitches, that could mean another set of complications for Warzone's developers to have to contend with.

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