With Battlefield 1 Coming, Battlefield Companion App Getting Complete Overhaul

Say goodbye to the Battlelog Mobile App.

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Now Playing: GS News Update: Battlefield 1 Brings Battlelog Mobile App Overhaul

DICE has announced a major change for its Battlefield companion app. Posting on the game's website, the developer explained that the Battlelog Mobile App, as it's called, will be completely overhauled.

Part of this is a new name: Battlefield Companion. According to DICE, the app is "designed to make your mobile Battlefield experience even better."

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The app will have a "fresh look" and "better navigation," according to DICE. It will also be updated to support Battlefield 1, DICE's new World War I shooter that launches on October 21. The app currently supports Battlefield 4, and that will continue to be the case when the update comes out.

Using the app, players can also access their "Career" page that highlights their stats and achievements. Users can also track their friends' progress here.

Another element of the Battlefield Companion app is a customization feature that allows users to choose a loadout while they're out shopping, for example, and then use it in Battlefield 1 when they get home.

If you are enjoying the Battlelog Mobile App, you may be happy to learn that DICE will not force you to update the app to the new Battlefield Companion. It will remain available after the new update.

The change from Battlelog Mobile App to Battlefield Companion comes after DICE recently did away with Battlelog on consoles in favor of a new, cleaner menu system.

Battlefield 1 comes out on October 21 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You don't have to wait that long to try out the game's single-player and multiplayer, however, as a portion of both modes will be available in the Play First Trial available to EA/Origin Access subscribers starting on October 13.

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Avatar image for darksouls

I'll never use it tbh

Avatar image for BassMan

Please make a Windows 10 companion app.

Avatar image for smokerob79

just want the new UI for PC to hit.....im sick of dealing with browsers and the problems its causing...plus the new origins is garbage.....

Avatar image for SkytheWiz1

@smokerob79: The new UI is buggy as hell. If you get in a queue and exit, you have to completely exit the game and then boot it again to join another server. It's slow, counter-intuitive, and doesn't refresh well either (I've joined 64/64 (2 in the queue) servers, only to find out that there's only 18 people in the match).

At least they fixed the insanely long queue issue - for over a week after the new UI released, most servers had a queue of 10+ people... even if there were only 56/64 or something similar in-game.

Avatar image for WarFox89

@smokerob79: Not agree with you sir. Imho the new UI in Origin is a lot better, faster and smooth compared to the previous versions.

Avatar image for smokerob79

@WarFox89: faster maybe....but it looks like crap like a second rate group made it for linux.......

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@smokerob79: The new Origin is so bad, what were they thinking.