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Witcher TV Show Boss Responds To Campaign For Mark Hamill To Play Vesemir

"It makes my mind explode a little bit."


The Witcher TV show's boss, Lauren Hissrich, has responded to the fan campaign for Star Wars actor Mark Hamill to play Vesemir in the upcoming second season of the Netflix show. She told IGN that she was blown away when Hamill tweeted about The Witcher, and she admitted that Hamill "has always been of interest" for potentially being cast in the show.

However, it's too soon to say if Hamill will actually play Vesemir--or any other role--in the forthcoming sophomore season of The Witcher.

"Mark has always been of interest to me and interest to the project," Hissrich said. "We have not contacted his agent yet because weโ€™re not casting the role quite yet, but that being said, I am loving what's happening on the internet. And I'm loving all of the fan reaction to it. Obviously, we've seen what a huge fanbase The Witcher has, and to add that to a Star Wars fanbase... it makes my mind explode a little bit."

In March 2018, Hamill said he had no idea what The Witcher is but he agreed with one fan who said he should play Vesemir. Hissrich described Vesemire as fatherly, wise, sprightly, and ancient, which seems to match up with Hamill's Luke Skywalker character from Star Wars.

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CD Projekt Red, the developer of the Witcher games (the show is based on the books, though) even jumped in with a Photoshopped image of Hamill's face on Vesemir's body.

The Witcher Season 2 is expected to premiere on Netflix in 2021, and Hissrich has teased that it will more "more linear" following criticisms about the Season 1 timeline. Whatever misgivings some might have had about The Witcher, it was extremely popular on Netflix. Not only that, but the success of the show helped propel The Witcher 3 to its biggest day ever, while the publisher of the book series from Andrzej Sapkowski ordered 500,000 more copies to meet demand.

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