Witcher series sales hit 5 million

CD Projekt Red reveals new sales milestone for role-playing game series; first two games now on sale.


The Witcher developer CD Projekt Red announced today that the role-playing game series has now sold more than 5 million copies, up from 4 million last summer.

According to company CEO Adam Kicinski, the 2012 Xbox 360 debut of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings was a major contributor to the increased sales.

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Sales could have been even higher. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings has been illegally downloaded 4.5 million times, according to CD Projekt Red, and the company has stopped pursuing pirates.

To celebrate the new sales milestone, CD Projekt Red has dropped the price of The Witcher 2 on the Xbox 360 to $30. In addition, The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's Cut ($5) and The Witcher 2 ($10) are 50 percent off through GOG and Steam until February 8.

CD Projekt Red yesterday officially announced The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The third and final episode in Geralt of Rivia's story, the open-world game is 30 times larger than The Witcher 2 and is due out in 2014 for unspecified "high-end" platforms.

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CD Projekt is still in this PC developer stage where they practically shit gold. Blizzard before WoW and Valve before Steam was practically like that. Blizzard and Valve are certainly not bad even now, but nothing compared to the masterpiece of CD Projekt's passion.

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The Witcher 3 ingame Music Score:

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great job CD Projekt!

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Congrats CDPR you have earned it. Can't wait for the witcher 3.

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Ubisoft's response to people pirating their game endlessly? slapping on Uplay and doing nothing but hampering those who bought their game legitimately

CDProjekt's response to people pirating their game endlessly? Giving all people who bought it legitimately all DLC for free, and upgrading all players to the Enhanced Edition of the game (if they hadn't already) adding up to about 10 gigs of free DLC/Game enhancements, that's more than most games have in general.

Now that's the way to keep it classy and earn yourself a permanent first day buyer.

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@thequickshooter @eva02langley @humpmasterflex You can't really argue that when it comes to Witcher 2.

Witcher 2 at ultra graphics and ubersampling on makes even the most advanced GPU's and processors wither and cry. But it's one of the best optimized engines out there right now.

With that being said, it runs on about low/just below medium graphics on the Xbox and still has some framerate problems. The Xbox simply cannot handle the hardware requirements this game brings forth even with an incredibly well optimized engine.

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Maybe i should give this a try

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Witcher 2 PC = $10
Witcher 2 360 = $30

Steam / PC gaming FTW!!!!

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The Witcher 3 ingame Music Score:

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CD projekt is one of my favorite Gaming Companies.

They Deserve all the success they can get!

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I would buy them again, if you bring them to the PS3 :)

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To put the matter to rest, PC sales beat the 360 sales, the PC made the series profitable, not to diss the 360 version, heard good things about it. But piracy is bad and works on all platforms (I have a CFW PS3).

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@MAD_AI Modded consoles are really popular outside the US/UK, i laugh when people say that pc is the most pirated platform lol, but yeah piracy is bad and is one of the reasons why some devs launch their own digital distribution platforms like Ubisoft.

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@alenth @MAD_AI LoL but Uplay doesn't stop piracy.

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50% off on steam and gog.com

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Good to see a deserving developer get some success.

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On the contrary, high amount of pirated copies = more sales and more potential sales...

Of course, 1 pirated copy = -1 copy sold

Stupid gamespot.

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@eva02langley They just said sales could be higher. They never said all of 4.5 million of those people would have gone out an bought the game if they had to, they just sad that many of them probably would have.

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Sales could have not been higher because pirates never intended to buy the game in the first place. What a ridiculous claim. Lol games journalism.

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They claim that the game was pirated so badly, yet the game sold over one million units in a span of 2 months on the PC, and the 360 version has been out for almost a year now and its just barely over 500k sales, lmao

so much for "consoles are where the money is at" argument.

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@humpmasterflex SFIV was a success on consoles the PC version never had the same competitive comunity as the console counter part, it works in both ways, aso the hardcore fans of the witcher were mostly pc only gamers.

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@alenth @humpmasterflex

The point i was making is how people claim pc games come to consoles because they don't sell on pc due to piracy, and all the $$ and sales are on consoles. Yet her we have witcher 2 on x360 in one year, WITHOUT PIRACY, did half as good as its pc counterpart did in 2 months, WITH PIRACY. Those are the facts.

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@humpmasterflex High End Platform = High End PC...
Screw the consoles...

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Piracy never effects sales gamespot for **** sake stop posting childish comments .

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@ @jtthegame316 All you have to do is plug in a USB Xbox 360 controller into your PC - The Witcher 2 supports controllers on the PC version.

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I didn't like 1st game, so i pirated 2nd one, to see if it's better than 1st and is worth buying. After playing for 3 hours i went to GoG and bought it. I bet that at least half of those 4.5 mill people did the same. And that number 4.5 mill seems unrealistic, it is impossible that so much people pirated game, 300k-400k seems more realistic.

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bu-bu-but ai thogt pc gamurz we'r ll teh piratez?

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I must get round to getting witcher 2. think playing it with a controller on my 360 will make it into a good game. see i got the original off steam and it should of been a good game but the problem was you had to use keyboard and mouse which meant instead of moving round then having a button to make the character attack to attack you a had to move the mouse cursor to a enermy and click them. For me games like this don't work because sitting clicking a mouse does not really make for a good game. how ever with the controller i would imagine this is not the case and will make witcher change from and crap sit there and click the mouse game to a proper action RPG

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It's Witcher series and CD Projekt usually does great things. I'm glad they did it.

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I pirated the game, played and subsequently bought it since this game deserved to be bought unlike nearly every other game nowaday.

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even more sales if it were released on PS3

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They deserve it, and I'm sure they have Steam to thank mostly.

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Just picked up W2 on the Steam sale, which reminded me to get around to finishing the first one!

It's an interesting world to play around in, even if I don't really like Geralt all that much...

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1. **** you people who pirate games.

2. I might've been the 5 millionth person! I bought it last night on Steam lol

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thx for the cheap game.

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"Witcher 2 on Xbox 360 to $30. In addition, ... and The Witcher 2 ($10) are 50 percent off through GOG and Steam until February 8."

Price difference, lol xD , still worth $30 but if you have a gaming PC handy it's defiantly the way to go with this title.

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"Sales could have been even higher. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings has been illegally downloaded 4.5 million times" I don't know if sales would have been that much higher if you couldn't get it illegally for free, but it would have been better if everybody who wanted to play it had to pay for it. Not just because CD Projekt are great developers, but because that's how things work: you want something, you pay the price for it. Not doing so is wrong and illegal, but pirates feel free of guilt and remorse as long as they can get stuff for free.

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I bought both of the previous titles and enjoyed them massively and if the third one comes DRM free again, I'll buy that for sure too, because they deserve it.

If these 4,5 million alleged illegal downloads were even per user and finished downloads then there's no telling how many of them bought the game afterwards, so all this remains is a seemingly scary high number without substance.
Most people use torrent and usenet "scene" releases to demo new titles, then either delete it and forget about it if it's crap or buy it immediately afterwards, so this "statistic" has no substance.

What they can take for a fact though is that if Witcher 3 contains DRM or requires me to be online to play it, then I will have absolutely no interest in it and will not buy it, because why should I as a legal customer have more troubles playing the game than people that obtained an illegal version.

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5 million was pirated sadly

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@PcGamer4Ever1 @RitsukoEX @eva02langley

It's the first and the last Witcher Game for the PS4 fraction. If i were a console only gamer i wouldn't buy this game. It's like just watching the 3rd movie of lord of the rings.

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So disappointing to see the game pirated so much on PC. I say ditch the PC. Everybody is a damn thief on there.

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Probly gonna pick up the Witcher 2 while it's on sale and play through the first one as well that way i can play the 3rd and not be totally lost in terms of the story.

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Great to see a private label doing well. Its not easy even with good numbers! The piracy thing sucks, especially when you can't even go after them without being the bad guy...hmm...only on the internet I guess. Keep at it and do what other devs are doing with pirates. Make game ruining content. People on the internet like a creative "**** you, buy me".

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If you really want to support them, get it through GOG. This is one of the few devs, that i believe really deserves it.

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Way to CD Projekt for keeping the AAA spirit alive in me. Nothing better than hearing them be proud of these sales numbers following the news that Resident Evil 6 isn't even successful at 4 million copies. There's hope yet in this industry; we just need more companies like CD Projekt Red to show the way.

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Some of the best RPG's I've ever played, looking forward to The Witcher 3 and Cyperpunk 2077, A LOT