Witcher DLC Coming to Rocket League Next Week

Geralt's Witcher Medallion will be available in the soccer-with-cars game next week.


Next week's Rocket League update will not only introduce a new basketball mode and NBA flags, but it will also include a new antenna based on Geralt of Rivia's Witcher medallion from the Witcher series.

"We thought it was an apt choice in anticipation of their upcoming Blood and Wine expansion," the developer said in a statement on its website.

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As for how this partnership came to be, Psyonix said "several" studio employees are fans of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt; conversations started up between Psyonix and CD Projekt Red back in 2015.

"So we talked with the awesome developers at CD Projekt Red to see if Geralt of Rivia's iconic Witcher Medallion could make its way into Rocket League," Psyonix said. "We found the feeling was mutual."

You can see the Witcher Medallion in Rocket League in the image above. Psyonix did not say exactly how you will be able to unlock the antenna.

As for The Witcher 3's Blood and Wine expansion, it is due to launch later this year. New screenshots for the add-on were released today and can be seen here.

Check out this post to see all of Rocket League's other antennas, including those for games like Portal, Oddworld, and Warframe, among others.

Rocket League's basketball mode is called Hoops--you can see it in action here. The update that introduces Hoops and the Witcher Medallion comes out across all platforms on April 26.

In other news about the game, the PC edition is playable for free this weekend on Steam.

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