Witcher 3 Spin-Off Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Is A Standalone Gwent-Like Game

Gwent's single-player component is its own thing.

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CD Projekt Red is venturing back into the world of its most popular franchise, with a spin-off RPG based on The Witcher series--and it's closer than you might think. Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales will be coming to PC exclusively through GOG on October 23.

The new game focuses on Meve, a queen who holds dominion over Lyria and Rivia. With a Nilfgaardian invasion immiment, she's forced to go to war. Thronebreaker is described as a narrative-driven game with puzzles and card battle mechanics, similar to Gwent. In fact, Thronebreaker was originally announced as the single-player component for Gwent, before having spun off into its own standalone game. It will launch alongside Gwent itself coming out of beta.

Meanwhile, Netflix is exploring the world of the Witcher itself. The studio recently announced it has cast Superman actor Henry Cavill in the lead role, amid some backlash over leaked script details.

For more details on how Gwent (and by extension, Thronebreaker) came together, read our interview with co-creator Rafal Jaki. If you'd still like to try Gwent for yourself, you can install Gwent from GOG and sign up for their newsletter, and get a free copy of The Witcher: Enhanced Edition to boot.

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This info is interesting, but the video is TERRIBLE! Somehow, about halfway through the sound gets behind the video, and it keeps getting worse from there.

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So Gwent will finally get out of beta stage on the 23rd of October? I thought about playing it again but no point in it since a lot of things will change when they end the beta phase, from what I've heard.

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These guys know exactly what we want so I'm sure is going to be fun to play!

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It's been delayed enough to be sure. Hope it's good.

Avatar image for cappy

Unexpected! I like be surprises! Been excited to see what they come up with for the more RPG elements of Gwent.

Will be interested to know why this is a spinoff. What is different about it from plans for main Gwent.

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Queen Meve is a great character to use...