Witcher 3 Mod Finally Gives Geralt A Snowboard

Now Geralt can hit vampires AND the slopes.


Have you ever looked at The Witcher's Geralt of Rivia and just thought "This guy is just not extreme enough?" Well, now you can have him shred the Continent's powder with this Witcher 3 mod that gives our favorite monster hunter a snowboard.

The mod is called Geralt VGX Snowboarder, and it adds a snowboard that Geralt can find on an altar in Skellige that overlooks the bay of Kaer Trolde. As noted by the mod's designer Feregorn, this area is home to some great items and is also "a solid spot for avid virtual instagrammers." The mod also provides Geralt with some snazzy snowboarding goggles to protect his cat eyes from the cold.

The accompanying snowboard can be equipped in either a weapon or boot slot, so Geralt can use it to hit either the slopes, or his enemies. Just don't pay too much attention to the usual sword sounds and animations that still accompany Geralt's attacks.

This isn't the first time Geralt has found himself carving mountains around the Continent. While designing the Witcher's skidding mechanic on slopes, the dev team at CD Projekt Red decided to alter Geralt's textures so that he looked like a snowboarder while skidding down mountains. They kitted him out in all the necessary snowboarding gear and filmed clips of the White Wolf tearing up slopes across the Continent.

The creator of the Geralt VGX Snowboarder mod, Feregorn, referenced this video in the description of their mod, citing it as an inspiration. The mod is a more fleshed out version of this early idea, allowing players to slide down pretty much any slope in the game and gain some significant speed.

The Witcher series is no stranger to mods in general. Last year, someone created one that put Henry Cavill's face over Geralt's in Wild Hunt, and even the series' previous entry was modded to add an epilogue, so who knows what else modders have in store for Geralt?

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