Witcher 3 Infinite Money Exploit Fixed in the Best Way Possible

CD Projekt Red deploys the "Bovine Defense Force Initiative."


The patch notes for today's Witcher 3: Wild Hunt update contained a curious line about the deployment of a certain "Bovine Defense Force Initiative." No other details were provided, but, given the language, it sounded like this might be a fix for the infinite money exploit that involved merciless cow murder.

Now we know that's exactly the case.

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With the patch applied, a high-level, fast-moving, and deadly creature appears that will surely kill any low-level player attempting to cash in on the get-rich-quick scheme.

The exploit, discovered last month, involved killing cows and collecting their hides. Players quickly discovered that if they mediated for a certain period of time, cows in one early area of the game would respawn every time they woke up. Thus, players could stock up on cow hides to their heart's content and then sell them for a nice fee.

While not a bug, this method could be seen as undermining the integrity of the game and its economy. It's not surprising, then, that developer CD Projekt Red has taken action to fix the exploit.

The new Witcher 3 is patch is currently available on PlayStation 4 and PC. It will be deployed on Xbox One next week.

Here is a close-up of the cow monster.

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@keal: how about less insults and actual civil discussion next time you respond to a comment. saying i'm immoral or morally bankrupt JUST because i play video games differently than you (*facepalm* good grief, is that ever childish) is pathetic. why not give an actual reason instead of flinging insults? as for the whole "adult education class" bit, yeah...again, childish, since you know nothing about me and yet you choose to go and call me stupid. child, next time you want someone to fling insults at and argue with go here: https://www.youtube.com/ otherwise, calm the heck down before talking and give a reason as to why you think i'm in the wrong instead of simply saying "all cheaters are immoral because they cheat". cause that just simply is not true at all.

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@treos2: Are you mad? You know you could always just move on with your life like we did over a week ago...oh but then you wouldn't get the attention you so desperately seek from strangers online.

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You say that he should get on with his life instead of reviving old threads, but yet you still continue to answer to that thread in which you want gone causing it to stay longer.

Cheating is not a bad thing if is single player or you have everyone's consent in multiplayer, so stop complaining, its not affecting your life is it?

And just like memes, you used stalker out of context.

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@genosec: Yeah because as long as people respond to me I'll respond back in a timely manner. You however are also starting a week old conversation back up. You are worse than him though, you read through how many weeks of comments to find someone to argue with?

Cheating, no matter who it does or doesn't effect, is morally wrong. The societal consensus says that cheating is wrong. It doesn't say that cheating is wrong only if it effects someone else.

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wth? i just posted a comment and poof, nothing. well that was a waste of time spent typing. nevermind, fixed via edit button >.>

edit: all this "why cheat?", "i don't understand why people cheat", or "cheating is bad/wrong" stuff is ridiculous.

if it's a single player game then someone else choosing to cheat in the game has no effect on your playing the game therefore you have no reason to say whether or not how they choose to play said game is right or wrong.

if i choose to cheat in a single player game and someone comes up and says you shouldn't cheat, i'd tell them to go mind they're own business and let me play the game how I want to, not how they think i should (ugh, and now the memories of final fantasy XIII and it's borderline scripted summon battles are returning to me. those were by far some of THE worst battles in that entire game imo). as for this cow monster, it's an interesting anti-cheat method but it proves my point somewhat. i get that its the devs choice if they want to try and prevent cheating/exploiting/glitching but honestly? it's a single player game, it's a single player game thus it's my choice how i choose to play it, not theirs.

now if it was a multiplayer game it'd be different since the cheating in question would affect other players but single player? no, please keep your anti-cheating opinions to yourselves and let people do things how they want to.

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The best way to make money in this game is by crafting weapons and selling them. You will usually get more than what it costs to make. If you wait until Novigrad the port-side merchant who sells bottles pays full price, but he only carries 750 crowns. Buy all his bottles to give him cash to pay you and sell them elsewhere for the same price. Only costs you time.

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Good. And to the people complaining, if you need to cheat in a single player game then why did you buy it in the first place? Heck, money isn't even hard to come by. By the time I left White Orchard (The first area) I had several grand. The only thing that should ever cost you anything besides repairs is starting around level 15 you build your witcher gear. Even that is pretty much free other than the crafting fee if you don't sell everything in your inventory. Even the best saddlebags, saddle and blinders are free from the races. Alchemy? If you can't find the items you need then you can look online just like you did to find the money glitch.

Start looting everything. There are fast travel points basically within 60 seconds of anywhere you can go. Get burdened and then go sell. You will be a thousand-aire in no time. When running, tap X quickly to pick up every herb you run over. Take a few minutes every now and again to dive underwater for herbs. Do the "?" undiscovered locations and find all kinds of stuff to sell. There is no thief/not-a-thief part to this game so steal everything not in the sight of guards. Seriously, money is not hard to come by in this game.

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@@keal: I had the damnedest time getting money in the beginning. Mainly because I was so afraid of selling all my stuff. Then I said F*ck it! and sold everything. lol. Now I have 7k plus. I think a lot of players might feel the same way I did in the beginning. So yeah, now I just find spoils of war or hidden/guarded treasure. Easy

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what the **** is with these comments? I want to see top comments and be able to like good ones

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I come on here, and I see many of you arguing over games, or patches, or religion. I just wanted to say to all you. Thank you for being fellow gamers, thank you for arguing, for the negative and positive. If it wasn't for all of you, my fellows, we wouldn't have great games to play. No matter what you bring to the table, I hope you all have a wonderful day. If you remember, do me a favor, do something nice for someone you don't know today. They may be a fellow gamer that helped to shape the games you love most!

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@magnetic069 That was big of you.:

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@Gylf_Cloud: I try to keep it positive. Try being the key word.

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looking at this you can easily notice how underwhelming game monsters are. this is supposed to be a hell beast of destruction of terror, but it's a dumb plank that occasionally swings his claws on your general direction. i'd rather meet this monster in real life than a rabid badger, or a furious ant-eater. and i've picked those seemingly ridiculous animals on purpose. that's how underwhelming this monster is.

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@GraveUypo: Badgers are badasses. There's no way I'd mess with one.

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so is this an unkillable monster? is it just too strong to kill?

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Try reading the article. Would've been quicker (depending on your reading level) than asking such an idlotic question here hoping for an answer.

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@Gravity_Slave: Didn't you notice the word "lazy" in his username?

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For everyone asking why they've patched it, it's simple: the W3 trophies that you achieve on consoles (PSN and X Live) would be void if they didn't do something about it.

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If you want to make your own "game" where you spend a long time making a complex and intricate economy, and then just make an exploit so you can ignore all of that, feel free to do it yourself. If you want to exploit the game in a way the developers did not intend, well, don't complain that they try to prevent that. It looks bad on their end that a game is heavily exploitable in some way, they have every right to fix it, and you're not justified in complaining that they should let you exploit it. Obviously you don't give a flying **** about immersion or how the game was intended to be played, but that doesn't mean the developers don't.

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@SoulxReaperx366: Of course they have a right to fix it. No one is disputing their right to fix it. The complaints in the comment section are concentrating around the method in which CDPR went about doing it. Spawning a Chort to kill early-level players is ridiculous. I feel a better alternative would be to inflate the rates the player receives from selling items back to merchants to at least 20%. You're making pathetic amounts of gold in the early-game to the point where a gold exploit feels like a necessity. Taking that away from console players while PC players can initial console commands at any given moment to receive max gold is reprehensible. There has to be a better way. A middle ground.

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i could NEVER understand why people cheat in these games, the whole point is to Role Play and go through the struggle of getting cash, i started off rubbish but now i'm always walking around with aprox 3,000 Gold.

Avatar image for bottaboomstick

@GrayF0X786: Oh is this a cash struggle game? I did not realize that at all. I thought I was free roaming killing stuff.

Any way what I could NEVER understand is why people care about how other people play a video game. The whole point of holding the controller is to be in control and to have fun.

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@GrayF0X786: Yeah, at first I struggled really hard with only about 200 crowns. Each time I repaired my equipment, I lost almost all my money. Then I went on contracts one after another, even the over-level one. Haggled every one of them then I suddenly got around 4000. Sell all the junk equipment to boost it to 6000.

Now I have 15000 with nothing to spend on.

Avatar image for havok1496

@GrayF0X786: Does someone else having money change your experience? no! I could care less whether or not people choose to use it. It only matters if its multiplayer in my opinion. Its funny that they did this but not really needed imo.

Avatar image for wrawness

@havok1496: I agree, but yeah people feel the need to 'fix' everything. Some people enjoy the game more on easy mode than others, and now everyone has to do a shit to of stuff to get some coins. Makes me regret buying a console version, where exploits are easier to get resolved.

Avatar image for havok1496

you could just not download the update. Its not a big enough exploit to really cause a problem both for people who used it and those who didn't. I can understand both sides. I do think it didn't hurt anyone however, i also respect the developers vision. Its a hard line to define. I don't know how far you are, but once you start getting into the mid teens you get a lot more money. Don't forget to explore the first area once you hit the teens you can pick up a lot of equipment that is worth selling.

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I believe You have to be online to play the Witcher. You log into the servers as soon as you start the game.

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@Gravity_Slave No, you don't have to be online to play The Witcher.

Avatar image for Gylf_Cloud

The game doesn't grant you alot of gold from quests unfortunately. While it's canon that Geralt and most Witchers are almost consistently broke I'm not a fan of patching exploits in single player campaigns that don't affect the playthrough of other players. This whole "undermining the integrity of the game" is a subjective concept and shouldn't be thrown about as a means of curbingplayers from discovering and abusing flaws within the system.

Though, hey, if I care so much about an exploit I suppose I could just delete the game from my hard-drive, re-download it and then decline to upgrade to 1.05 to enjoy my experience I guess.

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@Gylf_Cloud: Well it's their ip, so it's their choice..

Avatar image for Gylf_Cloud

@putaspongeon What does that have to do with anything I've said? I'm posting a gripe and you're telling me the developer is free to do as they please. CDPR saw an issue, had a discussion, then set about fixing it and distributing the fix for free. They made a decision and followed through. I'm saying I don't agree with their choice. Where is it that your statement begins to contribute to my complaint? That it's a waste of time to provide feedback because the developers get final say? What are you telling me? Your comment is the equivalent of telling me that the sky is blue.

Avatar image for putaspongeon

@Gylf_Cloud: You aren't creating the game, they are, you simply are a potential buyer.

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@Gylf_Cloud: Looool

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Well I see only the cow money exploit fix but i was making money by killing sheeps and goats I just hope they don't make a goat man monster.

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It's a single player game. Please stop using phrases like this "undermining the integrity of the game and its economy" in regards to a single player game. The games "economy" is non-existent. So some people got some money a little early and might get some better gear then they otherwise normally would have. I fail to see why this matters. If you don't want to break your progression and play the game the way it was intended then this is something you would never think to do. If you want to get some better gear earlier and make the game slightly easier then so be it. This only "ruined" the experience for those who would take part in the activity in the first place. Everyone else just moved on without slaughtering cows for hours.

All that said hilarious solution to the "problem". Honestly these types of things existed all the time in old games. I remember in old DQ games you could always game early casinos and get bad ass gear early. It never really broke the game it just made basic mobs slightly easier...big whoop.

Also as many have mentioned you can just use a cheat mod and get as much cash as you want anyway. What was this about "integrity" and "economy" again?

Avatar image for treos2

@devilmikey: agreed. if its a multiplayer game then yeah, i could see a need to fix such things. but in a single player game, unless its something game breaking, who cares?

Avatar image for Gylf_Cloud

@devilmikey: Well said.